Stevens 22 rimfire pump rifle

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  1. Suicide*Ride

    Suicide*Ride New Member

    Apr 6, 2009
    Golden, Colorado
    OhhhhhhhKaaayy.... I give up!! I need the "Pro's" assistance in figuring out what model # this rifle really is, &, if possible, what it's current value might be.

    I found that I have full-blown Rimfire Riflestinosis (ugh!!). I'm pretty sure I was born with the disease, but wasn't self-diagnosed until my later years. I found the only way to treat the affliction, is to purchase a rimfire rifle every now & then.

    Since finding this Stevens pump might possibly be purchased, I've gone crazy, trying to find out all I can about this rifle as I would like to add it to my meager collection. It's been 5 months since I've handled it & seem to remember the barrel was stamped "Model #22" in front of the rear sight.

    I've been searching the internet high & low, for any/all information on this old pump action .22 rimfire that a friend of mine currently owns. It was handed down to him by his Grandfather, but doesn't seem to have any serious interest in keeping it.

    When he brought it over for me to inspect/clean, it was even in the original Stevens canvas soft case (WOW!). As seen in the pictures.... the lint built up around the sharp areas was truely AMAZING!! The case (bag) even had the ser.# stamped in 1 of the leather straps. I think the ser.# was 866?

    I've held off asking "The Pro's" here, about this cool little jem, until I could find a better set of photos to link with the ones that I took, as my photos are pretty bad (dark, fuzzy, etc.). The rifle in question is the 1 with the peep-sight.

    Any help with treating my disease would be greatly appreceated!!

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  2. Enfield

    Enfield New Member

    Oct 13, 2007
    now first of all - help with disease, sorry to say that there is no cure - I have been collecting for years and it just gets worse.

    I said to my wife that I am not greedy as I only want ONE of every thing :D

    Anyway back to your little Stevens, what you have is called a visible loader and is named so because when you operate it you can see the round transfer from the tube mag up to the chamber. The round is held in the claws as per my photo. It does not eject as such just uses the next round push the spend case out, hence the last empty stays in place.

    They are great little guns but very complicated to work on, you may see reference to them as "Miserable" or "Impossible" loaders as many people have taken them to bits and have never got them going again.

    It aquired the bits of two over Christmas and it took me a few days to make one half decent one from the two (I have done lots of work on guns and still struggled)

    If you follow this link and the link within the thread you can find lots of info on them.

    As for the value I would say $350 - $450 out here in NZ but would not know the value in the US.

    Looks like you have one in great condition

    Hope this helps



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  3. 9 fingers

    9 fingers New Member

    Feb 5, 2009
    Northwest NJ
    I have the desease too and I would buy that gun in a 1/2 a heartbeat! That thing is cool!
    9 fingers
  4. Suicide*Ride

    Suicide*Ride New Member

    Apr 6, 2009
    Golden, Colorado
    Thanks a bunch Mr. Enfield!! I never thought about doing a pat. research on Google. Duh....

    I look back on that sunny Nov. day, & remember how "dangerous" looking the rifle was, regarding my disassembling it w/o a scematic. If it looks too complicated to do a "blind" tear down to parade rest, it probably is!

    After reading all of the comments about the Stevens Visable Loader, I have cooled my jets regarding my medication requirements....

    DAMN..... (I still want it!!!!) ;)
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