Steven's Favorite 22 Long Rifle

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    Apr 18, 2007
    I have a Steven's FAVORITE (.22 cal) that was my great-grandfather's, and I was wandering if anyone would know when it was made if I told you that it's serial# is A 325 . And could anyone estimate the value of a FAVORITE in good and firing condition (it has none of the fancy stock designes and a full octagonal barrel) I know that they were made from 1890-1939, and I figure my grandfather bought his in the late 1800s because of the low serial#. Any other info. on the FAVORITES would be much appreciated. Thanks! (I have some great pictures, but can't post them...)
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  2. MConn

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    Apr 18, 2007
    Is the extractor suppose to fully eject the empty casing, or simply allow you to be able to pull it out. (the casing almost gets jammed, and I can't pull it out unless I have a pair of pliers to do so.) Is this common?
    Also sometimes it takes several attempts to get the bullet to fire (is the firing pin too short/wore?...).
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  3. Tom Militano

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    Have you cleaned it good? You might have a really dirty chamber or it could just be really worn and allowing the brass to expand when it's fired.
  4. 22WRF

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    May 10, 2004
    The extractor has a 1/2 moon shape. it goes back of the rim when the breech is closed and locked.

    On the old favorites that have been shot a ton of times are worn to where they will no longer engage the rim enough to extract the fired case.

    Open the breech and place a sent round in the extractor it should be a tight fit.

    If not needs replaced. Thats hard to do because it hard to find one not worn out. They turn up on ebay now and then but most are pretty well worn.

    All is not lost you can get one here and easy to replace
  5. William Harper

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    Nov 29, 2009
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    It was patented on October 29, 1889. Joshua Stevens and J.M. Thomas designed the .22 long rifle cartridge with 5 grains black powder and a 40 grain well-shaped lead bullet with a cup heel that gave and gives great accuracy. Stevens, an elderly but ingenious master machinist, designed the Favorite with classic lines but a very easily produced tilting block action that could be cleaned from the breach. It sold for $6.00 against the Winchester 1890 pump's $16.00. By 1892, it was headshooting squirrels with telescopic sights. The .25-10-67 and .32 Long rimfires came after 1895. Horace Kephart, the Librarian-writer who help create the Smokey Mountain National Park loved his take-down Favorite with scope and said he could shoot it better than any other rifle. By about 1910 Stevens Arms and Tool of Chicopee Falls, Mass. fell under control of an employee-administrator. In 1916, Westinghouse bought it and briefly it became 1916-1920 New England Westinghouse making mainly Mosin-Nagant 7.62-54mm rifles for WWI plus some very odd Favorites with long stocks and bayonet lugs before its sale to Savage ca.1921. Back to 1910.
    In that year .22 LR semi-smokeless loads appeared. Like the black powder loads they had corrosive fouling both from the powder and priming. You gave it a good cleaning from the breach and on all metal surfaces, then did it again in about a week to two weeks or got rust and pitting. Even if you did the second cleaning, you had better check on it within three to four weeks. That, pitting, and a bit of deformation around the extractor from firing pin strikes is what happened to the Stevens Favorite above. A gunsmith could probably easily restore full easy function, but you have not described the state of the bore or the finish or the wood very fully. The totality of these would help a professional estimate its value as a collector's item. You might even want to shoot it yourself and find the Lapua Master L the most accurate round for it- a +.001 diameter bullet for the old bore with exquisite lubrication. Think about it.
    You must think I am pretty well along in years to have this data on tap.
    Right! Alvin York gave me my first talk on shooting a rifle 61 years ago and my father started instructing me in six months. I've been getting better for 60 years as a rifleman. I love the little Favorite as my close range squirrel rifle and 300 meter plinker. Good luck on that old Favorite.
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