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    I would like to find out an approx. age/year of manufacture of a .22WRF, J Stevens Arms & Tool Co. , trade mark FAVORITE. Bottom, behind trigger ia a mark stamped "S" and the #96. Appears to be in good mechanical condition.Free of rust. Two piece stock is in good condition with no cracks. Just received this rifle from my uncle who advised belonged to my Great-Grandfather. It was missing the butt plate which I just prdered today. I need to have it checked out by a gunsmith. Is the 22WRF ammo still available? Most interested in approx age but also any idea of value would be appreciated. Thanks for your help. Barrel up to foregrip is octagon shape.
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    Hi Jack54......welcome to TFF!

    Well, you've got me stumped! All of my references say that the Stevens Favorite was made in .22 RF, .25 RF, and .32 RF......and no mention of .22 WRF (which was developed for the Winchester Model 1890 slide-action rifle).

    However, Cartridges of the World says:

    "The 22WRF was chambered in various Remington, Stevens, and Winchester single-shot and repeating rifles and Colt Revolvers."

    Can you post some pictures of the rifle, full length right and left side, and closeups pictures of ALL of the writing on it?

    Maybe we can figure this on out.

    If it is .22WRF, it's going to be very difficult to find ammunition for it. This cartridge is long obsolete. In 1986, Winchester made a special run of .22WRF ammo, but finding any to shoot won't be easy.

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    Sep 1, 2006
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    Jack.....I checked out that site and didn't see any .22 WRF listed.
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    May 10, 2004
    Around a million of these were made between 1893 and 1939, mainly in .22 but also in .25 and .32 rimfire and a few in .22WRF
    22WRF by CCI is available from Midway and the correct cartridge***7547***
    In 1920, J. Stevens Arms became part of the Savage Firearms company.
    If you Favorite has the Savage trademark on the receiver ( upper left side)then it was mfg after 1920
    Do not shoot 22LR in it
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    Thanks for the Link for ammo.. This gun is stamped " J Stevens Arms & Tool Co." I Assume this is an earlier model? When I first got gun I did think it was a 22lr until I started checking it out. Glad I did! Thanks for the warning though.
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    Just FYI......when Winchester first came out with the Model 1890 pump rifle, most (if not all), .22 Rimfire was made with blackpowder. Winchester was afraid that blackpowder residue would gum up the works of the rifle, so they made it in a new round, .22 Winchester Rimfire (WRF) which was a smokeless powder round.

    The same thing was true when they came out with their first .22 Auto rifle, the Model 1903. That was made in .22 WRF only, also.

    The .22 WRF, having a slightly larger case than the .22LR, held a bit more powder, and thus was slightly more powerful than the standard .22LR, so some of the other manufacturers mades rifles for it, also.
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