Still pushing for the North American Union

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    Notice how Barry has broken his promise to renegotiate NAFTA? Also notice that the advisor he fired for going to Canada and telling the truth about the NAFTA promise is still working for Barry? And is helping him usher in the North American Union?

    I knew NAFTA was a bad idea when Slick Willy signed it. The fact that Bush did not do anything to repeal it is yet another reason why I couldn't stand Bush, either. This is the "hope and change" that the moronic sheeple voted for:mad: I hope they like it:mad::mad:
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    Thanks for the heads up bcj. Wonder how this integrates with Health Reform Bill, Cap and Trade and God knows what else. All this stuff seems to be parts of a lager whole, like pieces of a puzzle. Boy is my no son good in law going to be sore.

  3. It's all part of the plan and agenda that Barry's puppetmasters are pushing.

    Everything that has been done...
    AdolfCare (this will acclimate people to the idea of total gov't control over the very minutae of their lives and has the added desirable effect of allowing dissenters and "less valuable" people to be killed off by lack of healthcare),
    the "Cap and Trade" Carbon Tax (bankrupting people and the entire system while allowing the implimentation of a gov't takeover of the energy industry, forcing more people to be dependent on the gov't),
    along with Bush's TARP (the biginnings of a gov't takeover of the private sector)
    Barry's bailout of the auto industry (more blatant gov't takeover of the private sector)
    Cash for Clunkers (car dealers are already having to deal with a huge loss of sales because people now won't buy a car unless Uncle Sugar is subsidizing their down payment),
    All the talk of new FDA "food safety" regulations (which will give the gov't control over food production, this can be used to control who eats and who doesn't thus starving out those who won't go along with Barry's plans),
    The Swine Flu scare and new "public safety quarantine" laws (get people scared of a looming "pandemic" so they won't resist when people are hauled off "for public safety." I'm betting that most of those who will be quarantined "for public health" will just happen to also be the ones that disagree with Barry's agenda.) all designed to destroy our economy.

    That way, when it completely tanks and collapses and the dollar becomes worthless, Barry's puppetmasters can have him institute a unified currency and rebuild the US system as a gov't controlled command economy that can be integrated into the North American Union, which can itself be integrated into a single global gov't that will be run my the puppetmasters, at least until the Anti-Christ comes along and takes it away from them:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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