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    May 30, 2011
    I was wondering if any one has an idea that can help me. I have a Stoeger P 350 12g mag w/ a black composite stock. i like this gun because it is simple, reliable and will eat all 12g ammo. I have one big problem, the stock is too big. im about 5' 6'' and the 14 1/2'' lop is a bit much. Stoeger does not list a reduced lop stock for this. Would any one know if a shorter stock from another model or even another maker (Benelli?) would be compatible.

    I hate the idea of cutting a plastic stock. Ive thought about doing this and buying a slip on winchester recoil pad to cover the butt. If i do this and the plastic stock is hollow will this weaken the stock since the original butt plate will not be usable, offering no stability or support for the stock.

    any ideas or input is welcome and appreciated.
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