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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ShadowHunt, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. ShadowHunt

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    Nov 19, 2006
    I was working out today, and when i finished i cam to find that someone had gone through my gym locker and stole my money. This pi**ed me off very well :mad: . Then I come to find that one of my friends money was stolen as well! I dont care about finding out who did it, I want to catch the SOB in the act! Im asking you guys for any idea's on how we may be able to catch the person in the act? This locker room has 3 exits and people are normally around 2 of them. Do you guys have any ideas obn how to catch them when they try to do it again?

    Any ideas are good ones! :mad:
  2. One possibility, Shadow, might be to get yourself one of those loud portable alarms, the kind that are sold for use by travelers on hotel room doors. I've never used one, but I understand they work pretty well. If you really want to get elaborate, there are small camers that may be rigged inside a locker to take a picture of anyone who opens the door. For example:

  3. durk

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    Sep 19, 2006
  4. Strike an agreement with a group of Lepricons with .45's to wait in the lockers. :rolleyes: Your stuff will be safe while you are away. :) :)

    LL Trained skunks can be equally effective
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  5. Brob73

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    Feb 26, 2004
    Rig a bomb to the locker door!!!!
    Not only will you find out who did it...but you'll also be guaranteed justice!!:D

    although you may still lose the money!?

    Then tell the authorities that the guy must have been trying to rig a bomb to your locker and it must have went off in the process...your free and clear!!
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  6. Is leaving most of yer belongings locked up in your car, out of sight

    a viable option....
  7. johnston3407

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    If your locker room does not have security cameras you are in the wrong gym!
  8. stash247

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    Oct 18, 2003
    Central Texas
    I had a Motor Pool, years ago, which was getting 'tossed', regularly, for anything that could be stolen, from the vehicles on the lot.
    A pull string, shotgun primer powered 'fuze igniter' is a standard military supply item, as is waterproof fuse, and signal flares.
    Combining the "parachute flare", without the propelling charge, and the other two items resuled in a HUGE white flash, that anybody for a half mile around, could see! Except for the 'flash burned perp', who chased the big "Sylvania Blue Dot", for a week or so, locked down in the hospital.
    35 years ago, and I still gotta laugh about it; Provost Marshall's Office did, too!
    Battalion SGM, only asked one question: "Sarge, you DO realise this is CONUS, right?"
    Answer was as simple " Top, I signed for all that stuff, and am responsible for it; the thief was pretty clever, 'til he came here. I still own the night."
    Of course, the next day, he had the last word. "Sarge, I pulled your 201 (file), and you have several other MOS's, besides Maintainance; 91B4S, 11B4S, 11C4S... Don't you think you ought to go a little easy, on these kids? Use a claw hammer, next time; it's much easier to explain!"
    Good guy.
    I still like the idea, however, of loud noises, and EXTREMELY bright lights; you cannot run, if you cannot see!
    Dye capsules, or Photoluminescent powders, will also prove the guilt, but only if you catch the guy!
    Fish hooks, in the locker, and tied down, will render a 'smash and run' effort rather painful, at the least.
    Now, if you had a pet rattlesnake....
  9. My MOS was 11B4P, the P was for Paratrooper......

    I'm guessing that "S" on the end of yours stood for.......:eek:

    Sheet Disturber.........:D
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