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  1. hello,i live in so.indiana.i am looking for a single shot percussion black powder pistol,it must have a 12 inch barrel according to indiana law in order to deer hunt.i would also like it in 50 caliber,any ideas thanks old semperfi
  2. he-bear

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    Apr 4, 2009
    traditions used to make an inline 50 cal pistol with a long barrel. If you look around you might find one.

    You can make your own or this site sells one with a 12" barrel and the caliber that you want.

  3. Southern Boy

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    Jun 8, 2009
    Hey, and Semper Fi. Ive got a customized T/C Scout pistol that shoots very well. I have taken a couple gators, several hogs and a big buck with. It is very well made. The only problem I have had was with modern powders, to use that stuff you need to convert to 209 primers, but I only shoot Black Powder and the #11 percusion primers fire every time. They are no longer in production, but I'm sure you can find one around. I have hunted a few times up in eastern Indiana, big bucks, but I did not like the idea of using shotguns only. I could have taken some monster bucks with a rifle, but them slugs only shoot so far. Good luck.
  4. southern boy,i have a rifled 11-87 special purchase 12 gauge remington,i shoot three inch mag remington partion gold sabots.i killed a doe last year at at 145 yards not too bad for a shotgun
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  6. I was at Friendship 2 weekends ago and no doubt you could find one there. I ahve seen it all there and then some in the 30 years I have been going to the fall and spring shoots. I traded for a custopm repro early Virginia Mountain flinter in 54 rifled. Need (actually just wanted one) it to take elk hunting. My 45s probably would do but a good reason to get a new gun anyways.
  7. friendship not far from me.anybody know when the next meeting is
  8. June of 2010, second weekend. NMLRA national Spring shoot is always begins on the second weekend of June and NMLRA national fall shoot always begins the second weekend of September. They have a winter national shoot BUT the NMLRA holds it at the range in AZ.
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