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    Is this like the red/green lights in that "Fringe" episode where people were hypnotized after looking at them? :eek: :D:D
  2. It's a project I've had in mind a long time, an experiment to see for myself how useful or useless a small 2-shot American/Cobra style derringer may be. And if useful, to get an applied understanding of limitations.

    (I tried this with a 5-shot NAA .22 Mag mini-revolver and was surprised how quick and accurate it was. Not a tackdriver, but good enough within 7' to work. The goal was 3 center shots fired at 3 feet within 3 seconds of deciding to present from a pocket: it worked. This despite being told they were useless little guns.)

    I know I'll probably buy a .22 Mag derringer because I have plenty ammo already and it seems likely to be the mildest to fire. I'm guessing .22 LR will fire fine in it too.

    The other derringer will be either a .380 ACP or .38 Spl. I have plenty of ammo for these too, and either of these two calibers is what my CCW is likely to be any given day. (I just don't carry 9mm/.45 ACP often anymore.)

    I ruled out .45 Colt derringers because they are larger than most Beretta pocket pistols and nearly as big as my PPK/s. I may eventually get a .45 Colt, but it'll be a tackle box snake gun, not a carry weapon.

    Anyway, the experiment: 1. Place 2 hits in the A-zone or 9-ring, from 3 feet, in 3 seconds from a concealed presentation (pocket). 2. Aimed fire at 3', 5', and 7' for center mass, A-zone/9-ring. 3. Determine how quick a reload can be done.

    I'm interested to hear your opinion in general on your .38 spl derringer. Quality etc. Trigger pull/accuracy/blast/recoil etc.

    If I find a good one, it'll spend the rest of it's days in my pocket beside my zippo.

  3. Dude I'm not sure. I don't believe they hypnotize...they induce a painful nausea sensation similar to the beginning of a migrain, cause a feeling of weakness, and make you ill. Honestly that's all I know. I guess really they shouldn't be categorized with "strobe light" because the strobing effect they have is only a small part of how they achieve the affect they do. It's kind of like calling acoustic/sound pulse weapons a big whistle.:D
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    I’m a firm believer in strobing flashlights. The brain takes a snap shot every 1/25th of a second and a strobing flashlight in essence has a time delay effect on the brain processing information because it (the brain) has less real time information to process.

    I like the strobing lights over the constant on’s for the disorienting factor. The after image of a constant light going off is a good thing too. Any bright light will do, but the strobing one’s that are at the right megahertz are IMHO best.
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