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Subgun maybe?

Discussion in 'NFA Firearms & Related Items' started by Zigzag2, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. Zigzag2

    Zigzag2 Guest

    V.I.P. Member
    Posts: 425
    (12/29/01 10:08:10 am)
    Reply | Edit | Del All Subgun maybe?
    Can anyone here tell me anything about Swiss M P K O? Am told that my clip pictured in the other site may be for this critter. Any an all help appreciated. also a value if possible. Thanx IB

    Senior Chief Moderator Staff
    Posts: 1634
    (12/29/01 11:06:36 am)
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    Re: Subgun maybe?
    The gun was called the NPKO and it was a select-fire short-barreled carbine in 7.65mm.

    It's now on the C&R NFA list, but I havent seen one in years. Would have no idea on value.

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    V.I.P. Member
    Posts: 428
    (12/29/01 7:18:54 pm)
    Reply | Edit | Del Re: Subgun maybe?
    Ok Doc thanx for the comeback. But wouldn't the #9 stamped under the serial # indicate 9mm? And what time period would u place this critter?

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