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  1. Tried to email this but no way to attach. Hope it's useful.

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    I'm glad it didn't email, cause that is a way cool book.


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    Thanks a bunch Delta!!! It's just what the Mauser Dr. ordered! ;)

    SR :)
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    Out standing. I have copyed it to my computer too for future use.
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    Me Too!! Thanks Delta.:)
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    I printed off a copy, put it in a manilla envelope & stashed it in the safe with my M-48 & M-48A rifles.

    Thank you sir:)
  7. I'm very happy to help. I didn't realize those were so wanted.

    For a while I was a foreign weapons instructor, as a type of additional duty, teaching DoD people and international friends who were working with advising foreign forces. (Part of credibility, a small but important part, in training a foreign force as an advisor is demonstrating proficiency with all of their weapons.)

    Thinking in the long run back then, I still have disks and thumb drives of all kinds of translated and English manuals. What better to teach preliminary instruction with than directly from the manual projected on the wall?

    Admin note: Some manuals are just a couple megabytes in size, but many are from 5 to 20+ mgb. That's too big to post here and sometimes too big to even email.

    Another note: They are all declassified or never were. None are anything but unclassified now. However, some were translated by the CIA back in the Cold War. I have no idea why a Type 56, vz 61, or AK would have ever been classified as confidential or secret, but back then they did and every page of the translations say so. Even though they are now totally distributable, since they are marked as Con or Sec, I couldn't even instruct with those, but had to extract the info I needed and put in PP presentations just to avoid any silliness. So, some of those PDF manuals I simply cannot post, or it would be foolish by a technicality. I say again, they are declassified, but never updated to reflect so.

    I have armorer manuals, field manuals, and owner manuals. Now that I see they are potentially wanted, when I have time, I'd like to weed out the ones too big or with classification headers and footnotes, and then post some that ya'll may want.
  8. There I was, surrounded by manuals...

    Okay. Any PDF over 1,000k goes to the white screen of death. It says 3mb, but ain't going. Very frustrating. Smaller than 1,000k are either very short or low quality, like those attached. PP files can't upload at all.

    Looking for something specific, IM me and I'll see if I have it, etc.

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