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Discussion in 'Self Defense Tactics & Weapons' started by Chuck B, May 15, 2008.

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    May 19, 2007
    Summer for me usually means shorts and that usually means something that does not have as strong a waistline to put any type of holster on without a belt, so a pocket gun is better. For a pocket gun Id go with what I carry a Airweight J frame Smith is perfect and sometimes I also carry my Kahr P40. A PM Kahr is even smaller but they are expensive. You can also get the Walther PPS "new" model in a 40sw now I think. If you dont mind 380acp there is a great deal of pocket guns in that caliber but I dont like that caliber. I stick to 38spl as the smallest caliber for personel defense.:cool:
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    May 2, 2008
    “I appreciate the input!!” Thanks and remember Chuck it is just that, my input, not necessarily the supposed right or correct way of doing something. Simply put, it is generally how I do things and therefore what seems to work for me.

    You are welcome on the warning Chuck. Safety first, last, and always my friend. About the only other point I would make regarding Glocks is to follow the instructions concerning cleaning and lubing. Additionally, only holsters that completely cover the trigger area, that is about all there is to them. Oh, remember a firm grip and break the unit in, as you should with any duty weapon.

    As far as dress is concerned the garments material is a consideration, as well the color and print pattern, if any. The dress shirts, tailored at the bottom, work great and is you buy tall size you will get an extra inch or two at the bottom. Cotton synthetic blends are best a.k.a. “permanent press”, darker colors (no shadows), and blotch type patterns conceal very well. OK, enough with the fashion statement, lets talk drapes…LOL

    Chuck I have tried most of the various carry positions and methods. For me, OWB at 03:30 and pocket carry seem to fill the bill most of the time. Occasionally, I will use the bellyband and carry in the appendix position because I can adjust the holster for perfect comfort usually while driving. You may want to consider Smart Carry as these are great for casual wear.

    I like the G36 and think it is a nice .45. You may want to consider a +1 round magazine extensions (proof them with the weapon before carrying). After that, shoot it and leave it alone. Bells, whistles, and shiny accoutrements do not make you a better shot or the weapon more accurate, they just make you broker and give you something to go wrong at the worst possible time. Spend the money on ammunition.

    A great reference site on Glock is The Glock FAQ site.

    Hope this helps some Chuck and, like I stated above, it’s simply how I do things…
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