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  1. Warith

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    Oct 20, 2010
    Belton, Mo
    And you wonder why liberals are after them??? please think about it for a moment :)

    Liberals want to bring us all down to the lowest level not raise the lowest to our level.

    Oh there is no Chic Fil A in my area but I do eat there when I go to my sons down in Austin TX.
  2. Willie

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    Jul 31, 2003
    We eat at the one here often. Support is good,they do not hide what they are or what they believe. Good Folks.
  3. bamashooter

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    Feb 24, 2010
    north alabama
    Its really a shame how low some people will sink to. These buzzards on the left are unbelievable, oh well, going to chick-fil-a for some good chicken sandwiches for my christian family.
  4. Hatch

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    Sep 24, 2010
    I'd like to take a minute to disagree with what several forum members are saying, and I'll detail why, but first, I want to point out again, Chick-Fil-A has GREAT sandwiches and food and should be visited often simply based on those merits alone!

    The reason why I disagree with our forum members is that they are simply doing exactly what we're doing here, only they've been doing it a lot longer, and they are a A LOT BETTER AT IT THEN WE ARE.

    We can make individual difference. We can vote with our wallets and our feet. We often share the same if not very similar values in the ballot box, but... we need to be better organized to support corporations and organizations that are targeted by the liberal left which has hijacked the democratic party and uses it to their fullest extent to influence business and political activity to meet their needs, as they see fit, and they organize and move very effectively!

    Think about what we're up against. A collective group of loosely and tightly bound organizations that exist for one purpose, electing officials that will vote "their way". Think about that. Because Boxer, Pelosi, Kerry, Schumer, Reid... they don't crawl into bed with Costco and wake up looking at SEIU by accident... they cant get "a little bit pregnant". They have to vote for and support the full spectrum of their supporters. They need all of those fringe groups to get elected because SO MANY AMERICANS ARE ONE ISSUE VOTERS.

    Sierra Club
    Planned Parenthood
    Brady foundation
    Same Sex Marriage
    Prayer in Schools
    Church and State

    These are just some very high level examples of pointing out what will drive a Democrat or Independent to vote FOR or AGAINST any particular candidate. They are looking for hot button issues like that. For example, you find a planned parenthood supporter who wants tax payer funded abortions, they will vote for, and absolutely will not vote against a liberal democrat like (Boxer, Pelosi, Reid, Obama, etc etc etc) regardless of how they feel about the other issues that this candidate must also vote for while in office to appease their constituents. The person wanting free abortions probably doesn't have the first idea what's going on with fire bombing auto dealerships, filing endless frivolous lawsuits about an emblem of a bible in the arms of lady justice on the court lawn, or the Brady crusade against private gun ownership... all they want is their one issue, and everything else is fine with them as long as they dont have to know or think about, just as long as they feel secure they are getting their one vote item. They know John Doe conservative will vote (hahahahahahaha we wish) against these issues so by default they choose the liberal left, and the conservative right moves closer and closer to the center in desperate attempts to try and keep the middle. It failed miserably in 2008, it was a good lesson learned in 2010, and if we're not careful, we'll get plastered in 2012 by forgetting what the mechanics are of the entire process.

    So lets get back to my original point for a moment... what are they doing better than we do, and how?

    They organize political attacks, getting as many people and news media at a protest as possible, creating as much noise (and even sometimes physical damage or violence, or threats thereof)

    Examples? Target, Chick-Fil-A, the Wisconsin vote on unions where the capital was under siege by union workers paid and given "sick leave" vouchers for showing up to a sit in, and a complicit media, and these are just very recent highlights.

    What we need to do is STOP SUPPORTING those who would destroy everything we believe in with their one world government, anti business taxation and regulation and rhetoric, stop electing RINO's (republican in name only, for those who haven't heard the term before) and take a hard look at ourselves, and an objective look at what the liberal left is doing, and what is working and not working for them. We need to fix what's broken on our side, and we need to attack, divide, and cause as much difficulty as possible for them to satisfy their collective base, so they must keep reaching further and further left, which will alienate and drive away the "middle" or independent vote which got Obama and the House/Senate majorities in place in '08.

    That means personal sacrifice.

    Hey, I like Costco too... seriously! But spend your money at Sam's Club, not Costco.
    When SEIU boycotts a hotel because they host some groups function that is anti-LIBERAL agenda, make that particular hotel or chain your customer!
    Are you really spending money every month on PROGRESSIVE insurance? owned by George Soros? Really? how about try... Geico... anyone but progressive... I mean... c'mon... the name didnt give it away???

    All the way down to who actually owns and controls shares of the corporation that owns Kragen/O'Reilly auto parts...

    We need better media watch dogs then we have now, because right now it seems like they are all on the left... we have a few local and national radio shows that get out the facts, and they are self supported and yet the liberals demand public funding for their message of lies and deception and hidden agenda masked as "news" to continue to be funded by the rest of us.

    Do you think SEIU cares about Costco's wealth and whatever tax breaks they are taking when and where they can get them? or do you think they say to themselves and each other "wink wink nudge nudge... but they're on our side"

    Call store managers, when 100 screaming, chanting, "peaceful" disruptive protesters show up in a group attack on a chain store... call the manager and tell them you disagree with the politics and making the store a focus point of it, and that you will continue to do business with them, and if possible, name a competing chain that has submitted or is complicit with those political ideals to your friends other forums, tell them why they should avoid those chains or franchises or local owners, and why they should support the one's being targeted!

    Send a copy of a receipt from Target/Wal-Mart/Chick-Fil-A/ etc etc to the opposing store. I spent money at your competitor BECAUSE of what your company supports and what your supporters are doing. That's economic power. 100 homosexuals screaming in a Target is a spectacle, obviously, but money spent at Target and shown to their competitors is what negates that, and fast!

    This leads us right back to why I objected in the first place. This is all they are doing, usually much more loudly, may include destruction of property and outright assaults either as masking as protesters in the group but having a different agenda, or as outright opponents as happened at Tea Party Rallies and the Wisconsin siege, they are just better organized then us, that's all.

    They don't have more votes. Not unless we let them legalize 20 million illegal aliens. They don't have our nations best interests at heart, they dont have any concern for what the legislation or legislators they'd elect will ultimately cause, all they want is their feel good civil disobedience and strike out against the man, and power to the people... and NO CORPORATIONS!!! except those owned by Soros, and Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, and Heinz, and .... Funny they didn't think owning 7 houses was "elitist" when Kerry was running for office, but it was the mantra when McCain was, and who exactly parked his Yacht in... was it Rhode Island??? for a couple weeks short of the full six months and then got outed by FOX for bringing it to Mass waters and he'd been trying to dodge all those taxes, was it Kerry??? Yeah... I think it was.

    It's important to realize what their arguments are based on.

    As many accusations as they can possibly throw, even when they know they are lying!!!
    Any accusations not refuted are then treated as "agreed fact" when they keep throwing the same lies
    Name calling from the beginning to the end

    We need better collective information availability, the kind that they actively produce and distribute. We should be using their resources against them, find out who they want their members to support, that's got to be a good first clue about something wrong and who we dont want to spend our hard earned dollars shopping with...

    Sorry this turned into an epic wall of text, but the points cant be made unless we understand exactly who we are up against, what they are doing, how they are doing it correctly and succeeding and how we're behind.

  5. Hatch

    Hatch Former Guest

    Sep 24, 2010
    Oh, and HUGE steps in the right direction...

    Legislation that dictates all laws signed by congress apply to... <wait for it> ALL MEMBERS OF CONGRESS past present and future!

    How about no more lifetime benefits for serving public office for a single 2 year term? Lets get some reform and social justice mixed in with some good old fashioned economic sense right there...

    How about a part time legislature? How about they have to have a job besides what they do in Washington or the State capitols? How about they only get two months to do Government business and balance budgets, that should eliminate a vast majority of all the subterfuge and tax-and-spend agenda they commonly serve regardless of party, no more idle time? no more frivolous laws! simple!

    Lets see... if we do that, we've taken away their lifetime golden parachute of benefits, and we've taken away their huge salaries.

    Whats next?

    Term limits. No more decades old incumbents, give me a break.

    Abolish the birthright amendment that guarantees citizenship to a baby born by illegal aliens who are here for the express purpose of violating our laws!

    A new amendment which limits congress to spending less than 3% of the national GDP, and requires a balanced budget, failure to result in that defines prison terms and loss of personal property. (oops! now it's undesirable to go to office if you're not willing to make hard decisions and understand the MATH!!!!)

    No more lame duck sessions. Congress passing legislation opposed by the very people who just FIRED THEM was never the goal of the founding fathers and framers, they needed months to move from state to state and during nasty winters by horse/buggy/train whereas today, 6 hours after showing up at LAX with your plane ticket, you're in Washington DC... read as: YOU'RE FIRED... GTFO!!!!! RFN!!!!!

    A constitutional amendment that does mandate exactly what Shadegg proposed at the beginning of this congress, ALL bills will cite their authority under the constitution, otherwise, they are not even qualified to be a law and be heard on the floor! PERIOD!!!!

    I know, this is a lot of dreaming right? well, hope and dreams have done enough damage to our already fragile economy... how many of you want to watch the current 5 dollar gasoline prices spike to 10 or more, our debt to continually climb out of control, and meanwhile, it's the same old circus in Washington, pass any benefits they voters want, we'll just print more money!!!!

    This is our last chance to take back control, to stop the disaster that is coming at us just as fast as anything in history that we've witnessed, only they never took advantage of the hindsight and continued down their course of destruction.

    What liberals will call as a "cry of fear", I say "NO!... this is change, this is hope, this is turning this country around, AWAY from the public social programs that are unfunded, paid for by the masses and exploited and abused by criminals, illegal aliens and those who would willfully cause our demise... no, it's not fear... I am NOT AFRAID. NOT OF THEM. I DEMAND MY JUSTICE as a lawful citizen and TAX PAYER that not one cent gets collected or spent on frivolous programs and abuses of the CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY of the elected officials."

    Seems like a mountain... but we can make this happen. We dont have to settle for the status quo. Institutional "them vs us" republicants got booted out of office last time as well as the liberals we despise and hold accountable for our current situation, and we can take their seats and even more in just about 17 months from now!

    Welcome to the revolution!
  6. ampaterry

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    Dec 20, 2008
    West Tennessee
    They are Christian.
    Therefore, they are a target.
    There are many justifications, but this is the actual reason.
  7. carver

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    Jul 28, 2008
    DAV, Deep in the Pineywoods of East Texas, just we
    I do agree with supporting stores, and other businesses that stand for American Ideals, the Constitution, and American Justice. I was in a Chick-Fil-A the other day, a simple sandwich meal is $6, and I can't eat that much bread, and fries. I tried to order a "bucket" of chicken for me and the wife, and the only thing they had was a "Tray",fried, 20pcs. for around $24, again the breading! I then tried to order several pcs. of chicken, and found that I had to pay for each of the sandwiches as a meal, another $24! So I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken and bought a bucket of Grilled chicken for $10. Don't get me wrong here, you will find the same menu at "Rasin Cains" as you do at Chick-Fli-A. These Resturants might be the "in" thing to do, but my wallet tells me to shop somewhere else!
  8. Hatch

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    Sep 24, 2010
    In my opinion, that is the definition of why NOT to buy at CFA, you do not feel like you're getting the menu options or pricing you want... so you vote with your feet, you move to a competing restaurant.

    I love KFC too! when i buy there, I usually get a boat load for visiting friends/family or else I get a lot that I'll eat on for the next few days if the gf is away and I can get by without evil stares from things coming out of the fridge that have been there a week LOL!
  9. Buckshot

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    May 5, 2009
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    Uh, Hatch, I think that was actually TWO epic walls of text. :D

    Way to go, keep it up brother.
  10. Hatch

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    Sep 24, 2010
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