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    Join the 333,601 who have already signed the petition.
    (updated every 30 minutes) and
    Mr. Joe Hall Jr. ask you to join the: URGENT CALL TO ACTION

    Tell your fellow Americans …
    “I support the Commander-In-Chief”

    THE ISSUE...

    The battle of Iraq may be over, but as our President said aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln, the war against terror has only begun. Since that fateful day on September 11, our President has been very clear about his intentions to rid the world of those who harbor or engage in terrorist aggression.

    Iraq was one such target, a land where the ruling party not only harbored terrorists, but also executed and tortured its own—keeping its citizens in poverty and sickness while lavishing themselves in luxury.

    But while our President has moved boldly to protect our nation and our citizens, many opposed our actions to go to war, and continue to aggressively advance an anti-Bush agenda aimed at undermining his decisions and his authority.

    Back in Washington, Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) has authored a bill (HR2625) that would appoint an Independent Council to investigate the Bush Administration. Already gaining momentum, this bill is essentially designed to do one thing: undermine the actions of our President and his leadership during the freeing of the Iraqi people..


    We believe the efforts of our President and the troops are necessary and correct-- and applaud and support their efforts to rid the world of terror. To this end, is urging citizens across the nation to join together in Support of our Commander-in-Chief as attacks on his direction and character continue to escalate. wants to rally at least 400,000 of our friends to stand in support of our Commander-In-Chief, and will deliver our signed petitions to the White House, key leaders in Congress as a part of our campaign.

    Plus, in a continuing effort to counter the media campaign by the anti-war movement and those who are using their platform to undermine the President’s policy, we are conducting a nationwide media and awareness campaign calling on America to support our President and our troops during the ongoing war on terror.


    This petition is designed to let you demonstrate your commitment to our President by joining with thousands of freedom-loving citizens who truly have a desire to rid the world of terrorist threats, and serve as a counter-point to the efforts of the anti-war movement.

    Our goal is to rally at least 350,000 people to join our "I Support The Commander-In-Chief" effort. Here's how you can help spread the word:

    1.SIGN THE PETITION by completing the form below. We must have your complete address to validate your petition.

    2.WATCH YOUR E-MAIL for your “GRASSFIRE LINK” message.
    It should come momentarily, but be patient and
    wait for it. It will contain a link specifically coded for you.

    3. FORWARD YOUR GRASSFIRE LINK to your friends
    and ask them to sign the petition. We’ll do the rest!

    4. WATCH YOUR IMPACT GROW by accessing your personalized impact reporting site.

    As a citizen of our great nation, I am standing with hundreds of thousands of freedom-loving Americans in saying "I Support The Commander In Chief.” I continue to stand behind the President, and his continuing efforts to end the reign of terror that has already affected too many American lives.

    I am also deeply concerned about the efforts of the media, certain members of Congress and liberal activist groups who are turning the war effort into an opportunity to undermine and weaken the President. Such politically
    motivated attacks place our nation and even our troops at greater risk.

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    Jan 1, 2003
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    Way to go, Joe. Someone who IS for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. U can share my foxhole anytime!! An dats da troot!!!
    Signed with pride, Ibtrukn/TFF/USAF/NRA ( not necessarily in order):cool:
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    CHECKIN/UPDATE --got some help on my password---checking to see if it was accurate. Wilborn
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    Jun 27, 2001
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    Jun 27, 2001
    Is Bush really "One of Us" ?

    Why, then, does President Bush use the power of his office to publicly condemn those Christians who courageously champion Christian principles? Time and again, President Bush has publicly repudiated the statements or actions of principled Christians as they attempted to stand for their convictions.

    Back in 2002, Bush publicly chastised a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, Rev. Jerry Vines, for his truthful remarks regarding Islam. Vines said, "Islam is not just as good as Christianity." He also rightly said, "Allah is not Jehovah." These remarks brought a swift and stern rebuke from the White House.

    Likewise, when Jerry Falwell suggested that the terrorist attacks in 2001 may have been God's judgment upon America (they very well could have been), the White House immediately pronounced its vehement disagreement and displeasure. Dr. Falwell quickly apologized.

    However, the most egregious example of Bush's animosity toward outspoken Christians is his handling of the Judge Roy Moore case in Alabama. Not only did President Bush publicly condemn Judge Moore, he either sent or allowed his chief political consultant Karl Rove to spearhead the attack against him.

    While it was the ACLU that initially filed the legal case against Judge Moore, it was the White House that was willing to feed Judge Moore to the wolves by the surreptitious, behind-the-scenes maneuverings of Rove.

    It was Karl Rove who managed the campaign of Judge Moore's principal opponent in the race for Supreme Court Chief Justice. Furthermore, it appears that Rove is privately managing Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor's prosecution of Judge Moore with the goal of putting Pryor on the federal bench. And now another outspoken Christian patriot is in the Bush crosshairs. His name is Lt. Gen. William Boykin.

    In speeches before Christian gatherings, General Boykin committed a cardinal breach of political correctness by affirming that America is "a Christian nation." He also rightly observed that many Muslim terrorists hate America because we are a Christian nation. Predictably, these remarks have brought out the ire and chastisement of President Bush.

    After learning of the general's remarks, Bush quickly appeared before a Muslim audience in Indonesia and soundly rebuked his statements. He said, "He (General Boykin) didn't reflect my opinion. Look, it (Boykin's remarks) just doesn't reflect what the (U.S.) government thinks."

    By Bush's own words, he doesn't believe America is a Christian nation. Beyond that, he chose to stand alongside Muslims overseas when rebuking a Christian Army general who is proudly and faithfully serving his country and his Commander-in-Chief. It is painfully obvious that President Bush is willing to sacrifice any and all Christian patriots on the altar of political correctness.

    It is one thing for President Bush to constantly distance himself from Christian convictions and doctrines. He wouldn't be the first President to do so. It is quite another thing, however, for Christians throughout America to continue to give him a pass for his many foibles under the charade that he is "one of us."

    As Jimmy Carter had done before him, G.W. Bush won the White House, in part, due to his Christian profession. Christians nationwide regard President Bush as "one of us." They believe that he shares their Christian principles and values.
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    Jun 15, 2001
    So let it be said, so let it be done!:)
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    Jun 27, 2001
    Bush "is a hardened cynic, staging moral anguish he does not feel, pandering to people he cannot possibly agree with and sacrificing the future of many American citizens for short-term political advantage. Is that a good enough reason to dislike him personally?" --Michael Kinsley, 10.24.03
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