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    Susan Boyle Meltdown: 'Britain's Got Talent' Sensation Unloads 4-Letter Rant in Hotel Lobby
    May 28, 2009 by Hartley Engel According to Fox News, Susan Boyle unleashed a four-letter rant in a London hotel lobby yesterday. The Susan Boyle Meltdown is, not surprisingly, a top search topic on the Web because, unless you live under a rock,
    Susan Boyle Meltdown: 'Britain's Got Talent' Sensation Unloads 4-Letter Rant in Hotel Lobby you would know that Susan Boyle became a worldwide media sensation after her breathtakingly beautiful rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream" on "Britain's Got Talent." Indeed, interest in the the Susan Boyle meltdown is intense.

    Fox News reports that Susan Boyle threw a vicious temper tantrum in front of hundreds of guests at the Wembley Plaza Hotel lobby in North London after being provoked by a couple of strangers (at this point, it is not known what the strangers said that set Susan Boyle off). Susan Boyle is reported to have said, "How fu&*ing dare you! You can't f#$king talk to me like that."

    Susan Boyle's meltdown got so out of hand, in fact, that the police were summoned and once they arrived, Susan Boyle apparently had some harsh words of the cops as well.

    I personally choose to cut Susan Boyle some slack and will therefore not pass judgment on her for her 4-letter rant. The woman has been put under an intense - and global - media spotlight, and it looks as if she has understandably caved a bit under the pressure.

    In a very moving essay, Time magazine's Nancy Gibb wrote about some recent "Do-it-yourself Heroes." These include Captain Chesley (Sully) Sullenberger ,Captain Richard Phillips, and, the heroine of our story, Susan Boyle.

    ... "And then there is Boyle, the youngest of nine children, deprived of oxygen at birth, bullied in school, living what seemed an airless life with her cat, Pebbles, write Gibbs.

    "When she auditioned for a TV talent show in 1995--in the age of arrogance and affluence--she was scorned. So she sang karaoke at the pub and cared for her ailing mother until the day she died. 'Mum was my life," Boyle said. 'She was the one who said I should enter Britain's Got Talent. We used to watch it together. She thought I would win.'
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