Swat team shoots Marine 22 times

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  1. Aristo, I think maybe you lost most of us......who's chain are you yanking? Mine, Bucks, both of us, neither of us........?? Just to clarify MY position in the fray, I still disagree on basic points with Buck. I believe he makes many valid points, and many of 'em, I generally agree with. In this case, and truthfully, knowing only what I know at the present, not having researched the SPECIFICS of the case, I still tend to believe that the use of force and the WHOLE APPROACH TO THE SITUATION was entirely overdone by adrenalized red and blue light junkies and that the whole "rules of engagement" as they bore out, was way beyond even being simply "excessive." More like outrageous. Now, that being said, WTF are you trying to say and to whom, Aristo?
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  2. Aristocles

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    May 31, 2011

    I typed a post then deleted most of its contents.

    I read your post directly under my post and assumed that it was a reply to my- 37 minute earlier- deleted post. Having read the thread, I read similar thoughts expressed in your posts. Then, reading "Bud", in the sense of buddy or pal instead of what was actually written, to wit, "Buck", I posted one a line reply. In retrospect, I understand that your post was directed at "Buckshot". Frankly, I should have realized that right away. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa. :)

    "Buckshot" quoted my post and replied with sarcasm. I then quoted his post and responded in kind. I made a post and then decided to delete it, leaving only a greeting.

    I wrote a single sentence to you (should have quoted you) in reply to your post because I mistakenly thought you were replying to my post. "Buckshot" then chimed in with a sarcastic response directed at my post.

    I wasn't yanking anyone's one's chain.

    As for the posts contents they have been hashed a rehashed. I simply made some observations concerning time, context, visual acuity when looking from light to dark, posted a link or two. . . just as I typed, superfluous crap.
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  3. Aristocles

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    May 31, 2011
    Internet forums. . . Miscommunication. Signal, noise, you get it. . .


    I probably disagree with your thoughts here but that is what happens on forums and makes for lively debate. I doubt if your sarcasm was meant in the way I took it. Sorry.


    The miscommunication is directly traceable to me, or my post, as it were. . .


    I will leave it to you guys. Just got here, so as I exit, only a minor ripple on the surface of the pond will be noted. Bye. :)
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  4. Ahhhh, its ok Aristo. As a matter of fact Superfluous Crap is my middle name. Of course if you want PROOF, you will have to get a copy of my birth certificate from Hawaii. :D :D :D
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    Wow, I'm lost...or I musta missed something. But I think we've really skittered off the path here...

    Aristocles, when you said, "I suspect you actually read it," I assumed you were referring to the affidavit for the warrant, because that was what I'd just mentioned. MY response to that was a tongue-in-cheek response based on the fact that if I HAD, it isn't something I would admit to, especially if my access to it were not strictly authorized. (Hypothetically speaking of course.;) )
    But maybe you meant something else entirely and I missed the turnoff.

    As for my final comment about the good conversation, that was sincere. I said it because I meant it. If someone thought it was simple sarcasm, you aren't familiar with me or my history of posts. There is no shortage of snarky jerks and Adam Henrys, but the fact that there seem to be very few around here is why I like this forum. And the "bosses" won't put up with it.

    P.S. Ariostocles, if no one has welcomed you, let me be the first. Hang around. Lots of good info and good folks around these parts.
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