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  1. cruiser348

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    Apr 2, 2003
    southern Ohio
    Came across an old SXS recently at one of those "can't pass it up prices" problem is can't really ID the gun. It says on the sideplates "Eclipse Company" Between the barrels reads "serial #, laminated steel belgium." Then under the barrel closest to the back is an oval with a crown at top with EL with G underneath it then a star under that. Above that it has a diamond with a 12 over 0 inside it. Except for the serial number under the barrels, above the barrels, and finally on the foregrip there are no other markings. I can't find any reference in my books to an Eclipse Company and am interested in whatever information someone can supply.
  2. warpig

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    The EL G gives it away as a Belgium gun. There were hundreds of models of Belgium guns produced as cheap utilitarian guns for sale all over the world.

    Value is probably less than $200. If the gun is anything special it may be worth more but from your description I don't think it is worth more.

    This is what I can find on the Eclipse Gun Company
    Eclipse Shotguns were manufactured by Anciens Etablissments Pieper in Belgium from 1905 to 1957.

    Make sure you have it inspected by a gunsmith before attempting to fire it. Old guns are often not compatible for modern shells and can cause injury and damage if fired.

  3. cruiser348

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    Apr 2, 2003
    southern Ohio
    Only gave $90 for the gun and knew quiet well that value was most likely alittle more than that but not much. As far as safe to fire I have already contacted a local gunsmith about checking it out. Was primarily hoping for the age range that you gave me. Does anyone know of any resource I could use to narrow down the age of this gun in particular?
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    "Eclipse" was a tradename used by the E.C. Meacham Co. on imported shotguns.

    This sounds like a pretty typical Hardware Store shotgun.
  5. c.1900, almost certainly no later than 1920. The use of laminated steel had pretty much died out by then in favor of fluid steel, even on the chain-store Belgian imports.
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