T/C Octagon Barrel Forend-Hard to find & $$$

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ozo, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. ozo

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    Jan 20, 2011
    Nashville TN
    Most of my G1 Thompson Contender barrels are 14"
    I have Pachmayr grip/forend on my SS T/C....
    nice, but a bit on the heavy side, but great in
    some of the larger calibers.
    I never got interested in the 10" barrels[octagon] when they made them
    as I thought they were too 'short' for my 'hand-rifle'......
    Years pass and I now think I need a cool barrel like that......
    and they are now expensive and pricey.....
    But I find a couple reasonably priced [barrels only] and once again
    can't help myself.....and buy them.
    DILEMMA......[surprise].....can't find the forend that fits....and when I do....
    my GOD......they want ALL your gold teeth.......$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    Need the forend to hold the barrel pin in....thought maybe I would
    just duct-tape it....[jus' kiddin']......almost broke down and bought
    another (used) complete T/C.....just to get the forend :eek::eek::eek:
    But came to my senses...and just let the whole mess rest for awhile....
    Came home one day, thought I might 'just check' on some availability of possibly a 'cracked' or 'damaged' forend........maybe sumpin' under $75 :eek:
    and the first thing [googled] was a grip/forend set for $50 made from a
    composite [I don't care, ain't gotta be fancy wood, just shootable].
    PERFECT.....and affordable.....[don't need the grip] and would have paid the $50 for the forend......just to f'n get it and shoot !!!!!
    Excellent...all the way around.....fast ship..w/screws...perfect fit...
    I gotta give this guy KUDOS !!!!:cool::cool::cool:
    [such a rip on ebay for a forend for octagon barrels...]
    He goes by greenhead on ebay and I will attempt to post some sort of link
    if any were so inclined that this info is in any way worthwhile ......but if you ever needed a T/C forend for an octagon bbl lately......I think you will know what I'm saying....and the value of this.
    You probably can't tell the color from the pics.....but it is a green/white composite....and when I first purchased them, from the ebay pics, I thought it was a black/white composite.....but it really didn't mean squat when I received them......I got to go shoot it......'cause the plan came together....
    I don't know whose idea it was to pursue this endeavor to make these....I am so glad they did.....I would gladly buy them a cold one !!!!Thank you ...whoever you are !
    I have his contact info if needed and you can't find him on ebay......as I would have kissed you months ago if you had this info for me.....jus' sayin'....

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  2. JLA

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    Feb 26, 2007
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    get one for a round barrel ozo and scoop it out and bed it to the barrel. Then refinish the piece. T/C handguns do better with the barrels fully bedded anyway.
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