"Tank Warfare in WWII."

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    Finished reading it again. Remember why I didn't remember much, it really isn't written very well.

    There was a good story, though. Matilda II in the desert, "bombing up" in a night laager with a bunch of others.

    Loader in the tank, everybody else handing him up the 2 pounder rounds. When finished, he has one too many, no place to store it.

    He puts it in the breech, but thoughtfully removes the "firing mechanism" from the breechblock for safety, lays it on the radio, gets out, BUT DOESN'T TELL ANYBODY ELSE.

    Radioman gets in next, finds mechanism on "his" radio, replaces it. Replacing it causes it to be "cocked."

    You guessed it. Gunner enters next, notices "his" gun is cocked, pulls the trigger...BLAM.

    Round impacted 200 yds away in the road, missing everything else, everyone craps their shorts.

    There's a lesson in there...Always treat your tank like it's loaded, and never point your turret at anything you don't want to shoot!

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    Not tanks, but a similar true story.

    My ship is anchored out, in Naples Harbor. The Forrestal is at the pier (those @#$%&! got the pier AGAIN!). Anyway a couple of buddies and myself go up on deck after supper for a smoke. All of a sudden, the Forrestal launches an F9F with the wings still folded! The thing "flies" about 50 yds. and then "splooosh", into the drink! We run below and tell everybody, and no one believes us! When people come up to the deck, there are several boats milling around where it went in.

    A couple of days later a tug winched it back up. There was nobody in it when it accidently "flew" off the carrier.

    Questions, questions....what was a plane doing on the catapault while in port? Why did the catapault have "steam up" while in port? Who pulled the trigger? Whatever happend to Jimmy Hoffa?

    "The World Wonders......."

    God Bless the U.S. Navy!

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    You don't suppose there was one ass-chewed young Officer of the Watch, do you, X?
    Keep off the Ridgeline!!

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    Famous last words..."I wonder what would happen if I flip this little switch..."

    And X? "The World Wonders..." The most famous three word code "padding" in the history of the US Navy!!!
    Sent Halsey into a nervous breakdown after Leyte, thought Nimitz was slamming him. The message was "Turkey trots to water Where is TF 34 The World Wonders." The first and last phrases were "padding" added at random by the sender radioman, and not to be decoded at the other end. The decoder thought it made sense, so the message he gave to Halsey was "Where is TF 34 (the fast BBs)? The world wonders..."

    Halsey flipped out, throwing stuff around the bridge...

    But you knew that, didn't you?

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    Yeah Polish....I was wondering how many people would get that reference.

    Let me tell ya, the Forrestal was the most screwed-up ship in the U.S. Navy....lots of accidents and near-accidents while we served with her in the Med.....and a couple of years later, that humungous fire that killed 86 (?) crewmen.

    Just goes to prove, never name a capital ship after somebody that committed suicide.

    Looks like I changed the subject again.......sorry.

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    My first ex-bro-in-law (My youngest sister either can't pick 'em or is a pain to live with) served on the Forrestal in the early 70s. Flight deck, got them on the cat for the Cat Officer.

    He was kind of a goof, maybe he's the one who did it, but I doubt it, the "F9F" kinda dates it....

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    And yeah, X, we are WAY off topic, but then again, I think that ability is a REQUIREMENT for this course!

    That's one thing I learned in my History Studies, it doesn't matter WHERE you go with the argument as long as you can back it up. (and tie it in somehow!)

    AND...I've never met a person with a B.A. that didn't have an honorary "B.S." degree that went with it!

    I don't really mind rambling as you can tell, and don't think it affects the forum, what do you think?

    It's the DISCUSSION that matters, and if something trips your sear, go to it.

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    Naw.....probably wasn't your brother-in-law, Polish. This would've in the spring or summer of '57.

    Shortly after that incident, the Forrestal brought a bunch of F7Us aboard.......worst piece of sh*t the Navy ever flew. They'd send out a flight of 6 and get 4 back.......then we'd have to go out and refuel the DDs that were sent out to find 'em.

    As you've probably guessed, the Cutlass (or Cuttle-ass a we called 'em) wasn't my favorite aircraft.

    "Oh Christ! Another Cuttle-ass down!"

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