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    Well damn!

    I looked online but I couldn't find what I wanted. 1 scope click=1/4" @ 100yds. Why isn't there a target like this out there? I couldn't tell ya, but I made one instead.

    The divisions are 1/4", with a small red dot in the center.

    I've also got the 1/8" target I scaled down (print it out and measure it for yourself if you're weary of it: It's exactly 1/8") for you benchresters.

    I've tried this a few times... I'll attach a small file that shows what this looks like. If you want one shoot me an email.

    I should have my own website I guess... Lol...

    This isn't big news, but I figured I'd put it up here. Will test it before too long!


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  2. z537z

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    hey why's that pic not showin up?

    Delete this post once I find out.


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    Will do.

    Outers , I think, makes a target for setting a scope @ 100 yds. I thought I had a few. Can't find them.
  4. z537z

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    Why isn't this thing loading up? I've never had trouble w/ that before...

  5. z537z

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    let's try this once more

    I like this target, think ya'll would like it too.

    I'll try attaching this once more then it's cya later.


    EDIT: Well dang...

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  6. Here is a 1/4 minute target . . .

    Attached is a graphic of the NBRSA/IBS benchrest target for Hunter Class with 6x scopes, and the Varmint-For-Score Class with unlimited scope power. The rings are 1/4 inch apart. The 10 ring is 1/2 inch in diameter. 9 ring is 1 inch. 8 ring 1 1/2 inches, etc.

    The target was designed by John Sweeny back on 1968 for Hunting rifles with scopes not to exceed 6 power. John was the man who designed and built the first Reticle Rule for measuring group size to the nearest .001 inch.

    The target was designed for a distance of 100 yards. It is used on NBRSA and IBS SCORE matches. One shot at each bull. Five target cards, for a total of 25 shots in a match. No group shooting in these matches. TOUGH because you must move the rifle's aiming point to a different target for each shot. In tournament competition a scoring gauge is required to determine when the leadilng edge of a bullet hole touches a scoring ring.

    With the scoring rings 1/4 inch apart it is easy to make sight adjustments with 1/4 minute clicks.

    Ahh: This target is used for sanctioned centerfire matches only. The National Associations have different targets for rimfire competitions.

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  7. Hello and Welcome!

    Joe Haller...Nice to have another shooter around...gotta bunch a'wierd .22's to shoot, jump on board and let's shoot em all...!...:cool:
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