tasco red dot slipping on marlin grooved reciever

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    Reply tasco red dot slipping on marlin grooved reciever
    I have a marlin 70pss papoose .22 with a tasco red dot on the grooved receiver. I love the rifle and the scope is pretty darn accurate. My problem is the scope continually slides toward the back of the reciever while shooting. It is slow and moves maybe a cm after shooting 100 or so rounds but I would like to correct this if possible. That way I don't have to loosen the scope screws, move, tighten, resight. It is a pain and I cant reliably sight in, without knowing it will change in 5 minutes. The reciever is stainless and the scope is hard rubber/plastic. I would like to avoid any modification to the rifle if possible.

    thanks for the input

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    Reply Re: tasco red dot slipping on marlin grooved reciever
    I've successfully used a dab of rubber cement under the mounts / on the rail.
    It's enough to provide enough grab to stop slippage, fluid enough to not interfere with mounting, and it's easily removeable.
    Don't the same between scope tube and rings, as well.

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    Re: tasco red dot slipping on marlin grooved reciever
    I think you have some very poor fitting mounts if the recoild of a .22lr is moving the scope. If Rayra's idea doesn't work then try different mounts.

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    Reply Re: tasco red dot slipping on marlin grooved reciever

    I just bought a Marlin 70pss Papoose. Just started
    the ten day California waiting period. How is the
    reliability of your carbine? Any other
    observations would be most welcome.


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    Reply more suggestions
    The Romanian Trainer has a less wide scope rail, and JH45Gun had a suggestion to make the scope close tighter.

    "I just took a pair of tasco 22 rings (cheap) and filed the sides down where the removeable hooked plate is so it closed tighter and it worked like a charm. I have heard that wal mart sells cheap ring to fit. My scope is a old 2 1/2 X weaver that has the fine crosshairs and does not even have covers over the adjustment screws it has a lock ring if each adjustment screw instead. Jim"

    Hope that helps.


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    i love this little 22. i have shot many bricks of ammo through it and only had a few jams (most likely caused by ammo anyway) it is super accurate for how light and mobile it is and the action is the slickest of any 22 i have shot. order some 10 rd mags from cheaper than dirt, a whole bunch of balloons or cans and have some fun.

    i took off the open sights and put a cheapo tasco red dot on it. this is mainly for ease of shooting, not accuracy. it is much better to look through a red dot than have to mash your face to the stock to line up. especially with such a small gun, i would highly recommend a red dot on the papoose. it has rails in the reciever for standard 22 scope rings (the rings were built in on my red dot).

    i am in Sacramento so I know all about the 10 day wait. just bought a winchester 1300 defender and got the accessories and ammo i ordered before i could pick up the gun. oh well, our asteemed and respected legislators think its important, so I guess it is. ha ha.

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