Tasteless American fruit and Veg.

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    As some here know, I am a supporter of the United States. I have spent time in, worked with and have friends there. So my comment is meant to inform, not to criticize.

    I thought you may be interested to know its often said while no fruit and vegetables are better looking than American ones, they have little or no flavour. Its thought the attention placed on size and appearance has taken president over flavour.
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    I take no offense, and agree fully if we are speaking of what you buy in the stores. Agrabusiness has adopted a maximum-profit outlook that concentrates on ability to SHIP and GOOD LOOKS over what it tastes like when you get it home.
    If one raises their own, or buys from small individual growers in those marvelous little back-of-the-pickup kind of things, the situation is very different indeed.

    If you HAVE to buy in stores, we find Sam's Club to have the best quality produce.

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    Perception is a MUCH larger thing than many people realize.

    Six months ago, my wife and I rode horses through an eco-park in Belize. The guides spoke about how the natives valued the Iguana for meat to the point that it was spoken of as 'Jungle chicken'.

    At the conclusion of the ride, they had prepared a FABULOUS meal for us which included some wonderful baked chicken.
    I swear, 75% of the people threw the chicken away because they did 'not like Iguana'.

    My iguana was very good.
    Especially the breast and wings.
  4. To a great extent, you are quite correct, Tranter. The emphasis of the growers and importers here is often--as you say--on appearance and on mass production. Many of the varieties grown are chosen for their ability to survive transport to market, rather on flavor. That is precisely why I grow my own vegetables in the summer. :D
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    I must be clear, I am not passing judgement, my own experience is very limited both in region and range.

    I can say I have bought American Washington Red apples, that look amazing, and taste a little like raw potato. My daughter recently in Florida remarked the strawberries were the biggest she had ever seen, and were pretty much without any flavour.

    I guess as ampaterry said, it's best to find smaller local producers.
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    Tranter, speaking of differences in food between our respective countries -

    Why do you call those things 'bangers'?
    The first time I heard that term was in one of the GREAT James Harriot books, in which they refered to a dish as 'bangers and mash'.
    I had visions of some kind of bean soup, named for the gastric results - -
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    A banger is just a slang name for a sausage. Some explode if not pricked before frying. Mash is mashed potato.
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    Now THAT makes sense to me -

    Thank you!
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    I was raised in the country and we had our own produce and meat, both lamb and beef. Nothing in the real world tastes like anything we had, and I'm sure it has been worsened over the years with chemical additives, unfortunately. Now I live in a small town and grow peas and tomatoes, which are still better than store-bought.

    The absolute best thing was my grandmother's wild blueberry pie. I have not enjoyed any blueberry pie since. It's such a shame.
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    It is true, it is better to buy from a small vendor. Not only are our vegetables grown to look good, they are picked far too early to ripen on where ever it is they are shipped to! Keep buying from the small farmer.
  11. Pie made with wild berries of just about any kind is heavenly, Pine. :D Before we moved to Colorado, we used to make at least one trip out on the Delta each summer that was devoted exclusively to picking wild blackberries. They grow all over the San Joaquin Delta, but the really good berries can only be reached by boat. We'd pick buckets of them, bring them home, make a pie or two, then turn the rest into the best blackberry jam you ever tasted. ;)
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    For 37 years I have been telling my wife that size and appearance are not the only indicators of quality.

    You have been waiting for this response haven't you?
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    Oh yes, that's the one. Only I have only been telling my wife for 20 years.
  14. the problem is with fast grown green house fruits and veggie's grown with chemicals instead of good old fashioned soil. i've been an organic grower all my life, a family thing, and the difference between what we grow as opposed to what you buy in the store isn't even comparable.
  15. With my grandmother it was strawberry rhubarb.YUM!