Taurus F---!!!

Discussion in 'Feedback Forum' started by warpig, Mar 8, 2003.

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    I finally took my Taurus PT111 to the range after having the factory replace a broken trigger assembly, and it is terrible! Trigger pull is about twice what it was when I purchased it new, and now to remove the slide you have to pull the trigger (like a Glock).

    I just got off the phone with customer service, who did not want to talk to me about the problems. She told me to download the new and improved owners manual for it from their website so that I would know how to disassemble it. (if they change a function of the gun, then isn't it THEIR responsibility to send a new owners manual when they ship the gun back to me???) When I told her (the "customer service" woman) that I know how to disassemble it, and to pull the trigger to remove the slide is IMO completely unacceptable, her only response was "oh, you don't have to pull the trigger to remove the slide!... According to the manual, try to pull the slide forward, then, if you can't, after checking the chamber, pull the trigger rearward"..... ummm, isn't that pulling the trigger???

    When I told her that there was absolutely no way that I would have purchased the gun originally if I had to disassemble it that way, and I wanted them to exchange the new mechanism for an old style one, she explained that there are no old style ones, and I'd have to deal with the gun as-is.

    She was also kind enough to tell me to "Have your dealer call us, and then we'll tell them how to get it back to us"...wtf!?!

    So now I have to send the gun back to them for a second time, along with a letter to their "review board", and hope that they will exchange it for a different gun. If they won't, I guess I'll be selling it at a fraction of the cost I paid for it 6 months, and 600 rounds ago. Anyone want a slightly used Taurus PT111?

    This will be my last Taurus!


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    That's a major Bummer Evan!

    The only Taurus I've owned was a 1990 with a 3.0 and I was well pleased. Till it took a S#!T

    I would have thought your dealing with them would have been more to your likeing. It sound's to me like you may have a Bull by the horns

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    Re: Taurus F---!!!
    I recently completed a trigger job on a PT111 Millennium. Never again.

    The major problem is the machining marks left in the firing pin tunnel. Got those smoothed down. There are two springs, one drives the striker/firing pin forward, and one retracts the firing pin below the breech face allowing the gun to feed upward from the magazine during cycling. The factory FP retracting spring is a flimsy affair and with the least amount of set or deformation it will allow the striker spring to overpower it which results in failures to feed upward since the FP now protrudes slightly from the breech face. The retracting spring also has to push the FP rearward just enough for the cheesy little connector to catch it, which allows for repeated trigger pulls without racking the slide (that particular contraption by the way, is one of the most poorly designed mechanisms since the S&W 61).

    Ended up making a new reduced-power striker spring and an increased-power retracting spring. DA pull levelled out at about 8 pounds with only a little grit.

    Went WAY in the hole on this job!
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    Re: Taurus F---!!!
    I'd say a refund is in order!
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    Anyone know of a decent asking price for this gun? My dealer said he didn't want to take it on trade (can't say that I blame him), but would take it on consignment. He said I could probably get $285 for it, but that's before his consignment fee......

  2. gunlearner

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    Feb 14, 2007
    well evan a friend of mine bought a 111 like yours for 600 which is the cheapest pistol down here and when he fired the trigger would not come foward all the way, having to rack the slide to make the trigger go back to its original place.
    is this what happens to your pistol?
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    Jul 7, 2007
    I have a Taurus P140 and after 38 rounds the mag started to drop after every shot. So I have sent it back over night to the factory at my cost. I finally get a letter from them stating that it is now in there system over a week after they received the gun. I talked to Taurus and they stated that it takes a week for the gun to get into there sytem. The letter states that it will take 4-6 weeks, OK I will deal with that, but questioning why they have such a back log. I called 2 week prior to the due date and the person was a little snippit on his response, would not tell me the status and that the gun is not due until the 15 of the month. I just called seeing that the due date is a Sunday and tried to get an update. So to my supprise I was told that they have it in their system but that they are working on May 18th returns so I am not looking at 8 weeks before I get my gun back. I tried to go on there web page and let them now how much there repair center is back logged and that does not instill confidence on this gun being my CCW but there is only a servey that does not ask any really pertinent questions.

    So to all of you out there thinking about a Taurus, Save your money and buy something else. I wish I did, but I liked the look and feel of the gun, and not I feel as if I just purchased a pinto and not a mustang
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    Jun 28, 2007
    Boycott Taurus Fire arms,Ive been on another forum ,Taurus 24/7pro .45cal-topix,or Taurus 24/7 unhappy owners ,their are lots of people mad about Taurus problems just like all of you dont stop complaining until you get acceptable results.
    If enough people call maybe they will get it
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    Apr 14, 2007
    I own a 2 inch .38 Taurus stubbie (model 38). It is a great gun and so far after 300 or 400 rounds at the range, I've had no problems. Sorry for you guys with the autos. I have had same problems with other gun companies. Maybe if we keep the pressure up, they will see we're not kidding.
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    I have had a Taurus 24/7 Pro in .45 ACP for over a year now.It had FTF problems after 300 rounds through each of the mags. Seems some of the mags have weak springs. Talked to Taurus and they told me the older mags had spring issues and they had gotten improved springs,and to send in my mags. I sent in four and they sent me back eight! Now I am well past the 300 round mark with several mags, and no problems what so ever.

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  7. mikaldulee

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    Aug 5, 2007
    I own two Taurus PT111 Mil Pro's and haven't had an issue with either one. I carry one everyday. A thousand rounds later...still no issues.

    If you wish to boycott Taurus, why not add Kimber? They built several pistols with faulty extractors.
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    Mar 3, 2007
    Louisville, Kentucky
    As you can tell by my handle, I'm a proponent of Taurus and their products. I have owned several of their pistols & revolvers both in the past as well as currently and I've not had one negative experience with any of them.
    In fact, I've been pleased with them all -- especially so with the PT92 and PT1911 series which have been 100% reliable, aside from one failure to fire in my PT92, and that was the result of a dud round.

    For those who have had problems, I'm genuinely sorry to hear it. I know Taurus undoubtedly has their share of lemons but the same holds true for S&W, Sig Sauer, Colt, HK, Kimber, Ruger and other manufacturers. The difference generally is that when the other brands put out a defective firearm, it's not treated with the same scorn that's heaped upon Taurus.
    When some other manufacturers put out a lemon, we hear that things like that happen from time to time and to give them a chance to make it right. On the other hand, when Taurus has a problem some want to criticize them as junk. If they routinely made junk they'd not only not be in business, much less win manufacturing awards, including Handgun of the Year for 2005.


    Here are listings since 2000 with a big thank you to Qwiks Draw for compiling these:

    Awards for 2005

    • NRA Golden Bullseye Handgun of the Year Taurus PT24/7



    • Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence 2003 Hall of Fame Inductee
    • Robert G. Morrison
    • Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence Ammunition of the Year
    • Nominee Taurus Copper Bullet .45 ACP
    • NRA Golden Bullseye 480 Raging Bull



    • NSSF/SHOT Business Man of the Year Robert Morrison
    • SHOT Business Manufacturer of the Year
    • Click here for more '02 awards details
    • Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence Ammunition of the Year



    • NASGW Manufacturer of the Year



    • Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence Manufacturer of the Year
    • FIRST factory Concealed Hammer on small frame .38 Special and
    • 357 Magnum revolvers.

    • Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence Handgun of the Year Millennium

    • Guns & Ammo Gun of the Year 454 Raging Bull

    In closing, if you want a Taurus then by all means buy one. Your chances of potentially getting a lemon are no better or worse than from one of the other major manufacturers. :)
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  9. el_diabl0

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    Jul 20, 2007
    I haven't put many rounds through mine, maybe about 150, but haven't had any problems, I also own a Taurus pt-99 (1000+) rounds and a .357 (605 model, 200 rounds) and haven't had any issues with those either. Well, the grip on the .357 has lossened up a bit, but nothing other than that. Speaking of which, I have a question on the revolver forum coming up...
  10. Thunderhawk88

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    Feb 14, 2007
    So. California Desert style..
    I have over 600 rounds through my Taurus 85 and am very happy with it. As long as a gun works the way I expect it to I don't care what name it carries.
  11. polishshooter

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    Mar 25, 2001
    Could it be a variation of the Ford-Chevy-Dodge thing?

    I have ALWAYS disliked Fords, and when I DID own them I magnified ANY problem up to raging about "the TYPICAL POS FORD DESIGN!" , while "explaining away" any Chevy issues like the famous "Starter dragging" or the 20 oz ballpeen you BETTER have under the seat if you had a car or truck with a "Three on the tree?":p

    But seriously, ever since I started driving "company cars" in 1998, the Fords I've been "forced" to drive since 2002 have done every bit as good under hard and fast mileage as the Chevys I drove before them...only one Taurus went back to the shop for anything other than normal maintenance, and while the 02 and 04 Taurus DID remind me of the "old" 99 Lumina, and were no where NEAR the 01 Impala I ended up buying and my wife STILL drives, so maybe Chevy IS a little better, I'm actually kind of attached to the 05 Escape I'm driving now, even with 127000 on it I would (and DO!) not hesitate to take it on a 10 hour trip TODAY in a blizzard if I had to...and because it's NOT mine, I don't "baby" it when I drive them, TRUST me:cool: ....it will have over 160000 on it when I have to get a new one, (which at this point looks like will be a Chrysler Sebring...:cool: )and I'm seriously thinking of buying it for me then....

    But oh yeah, I HATE Fords, did I tell you that yet?:p
  12. Well, Polish, you could always invest in a nice Porche or Mercedes. :D ;) :p
  13. vulcrider

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    Nov 6, 2006
    Sounds alot like what i've heard about Hi-Points. I own one and would recommend it to anyone. I also have own a Ruger, S&W, Savage, Marlin and just bought a new Taurus PT1911. All have had an issue of some sort or another, but I would recommend any of them also. Problems aren't limited to just one brand. And as much as we would like to think "our" brand is better, any and all have problems.
    But, that is what I like about this forum--what others experience helps me decide on my next purchase. Hope everyone's problems get resolved and that we all can benefit from them.
  14. charagrin

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    Mar 6, 2007
    I own a 1971 Torino 500, I bought it 2 years ago for 500 dollars from a wannabe car dealer. It was owned by the first owner, A old lady righ up until she kicked the bucket and the dealer got it. I have had a little modernization done to it. Small stuff though. I will pit it against any vehicle manufactured after 1980 with confidence. And thats my story, And Im stickin to it.-Char
  15. jeanp1948

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    Sep 26, 2007
    In over 40 years of having rifles/revolvers/semi-auto on and off duty there are only two things I can't live with: Shotguns and Colt revolvers. I never liked shotguns (just a personal thing) although I certainly liked having one handy on duty! I never handled an older Colt such as a Peacemaker in .45 Long Colt, just the Colts put out for police duty from the 1920's to recent times. I just don't like the feel of em. I do like the 1911 and the put down energy of the .45 ACP. The only shooting I was involved in was with a S&W model 411 in .40 caliber. The only reason the perp survived my three shot tap, with two placed in the upper torso, was the damn "Silver Tips" that my chief insisted we carry on duty. They just splintered in a million pieces with no fatal wounds. I am glad of that looking back as I never wanted to take a life but at the time I was really pissed because it could have been me or the other officer with me that could have been shot.
    By the way the perp was carrying a Taurus look-a-like Co2 pistol and wanted to commit suicide by cop! When placed beside 2-3 other real Taurus pistol at the Grand Jury table the jury could not tell the difference.
  16. jims72

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    Sep 2, 2008
    I agree ford sucks I have been driving my 1972 plymouth roadrunner for over ten years now!Yes since the gas situation it doesnt see much road as it used to but I know it will start up no problem right now after sitting for six months !The 1973 maverick grabber I had liked to catch fire once a week!I had a 1964 ranchero that fell in half!any way my pt92 is the baest gun I have ever fired or owned and I have a tendency to be picky
  17. Old Timer

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    Dec 9, 2007
    Tac401: I was disturbed to hear about Evan's PT111. I bought one recently. I don't think I have a problem, but I will make some notes from you letter in my Taurus's manual. Initially my PT111 refused to fire (light hammer strike), but I soon figured out it was an ammo problem. All my 9mmPs don't like this ammo; South African machine gun (?). When quality Federal JHPs were loaded it ran through them straight away, no problem. My biggest criticism is the gun's mushy trigger, but even that is better than my P-11's trigger, before a good trigger job. I'll use your advice to give the gun a good tune-up. Old Timer
  18. sewerman

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    Jan 22, 2007
    hurricane ally florida

    back three years ago when taurus was advertising hard on their pro 24/7
    i bought two 24/7 doa because pros weren't in the show room yet.(taurus seems to advertise long before the models ever hit the showroom). well, for me it was 50/50. one good , one bad.
    the ejector pins which hold the ejector into the metal trigger block assembly backed out causing the slide to lock up when the pins scraped inside of the slide.
    this put presssure on the pin holes which cracked one of then while wallowing out both holes. i took pictures of the frame, printed out a parts list and circled the needed parts. did everything i possibly could short of fixing it myself to help the service tech know what the problem was from the get go. when i got the gun back 9 weeks later the fix was to epoxy the holes, drill out and install new pins. hell, i could've done that myself!
    the first range visit had me aiming on the target stand at three clock to print a bulls eye. accuracy was never an issue before the repair?
    taurus' life time warranty *ucks cause it take a life time of then screwing around to get it right. i'll keep buying XD's and glocks and steyr from now on!
    good thing this is my son's fun gun otherwise i would've sent it back and told taurus to stick it where the sun don't shine.
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  19. bizy

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    Dec 17, 2008
    Marlow, Ok
    I own a few Tauruses and only had one that gave me trouble. I don't remember the model, but it was a 357. The cylinder wouldn't lock in. Sometimes it would just fall open. Sent it to a gunsmith. He said I was slaming it shut and being to rough with it. Not true. I returned it to the place I bought it and got a trade in on a different pistol.

    That is the only one that ever gave me any trouble. Any item, gun, car or whatever sometimes will have flukes.
  20. 38 special

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    Feb 14, 2009
    I bought a taurus snub 38 special quite a few years ago At fifteen yards the best group I got was 4 inches and I tried lots of different loads. I sold the taurus and later got a used (1959) colt detective special It shoots 1" and less groups at 15 yards at point of aim. No contest between the old colt and the new taurus.
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