Taurus M94 Transfer Bar Broke

Discussion in '.22-Rimfire Forum' started by Mr_Shamrock, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. RJay

    RJay Well-Known Member

    Feb 22, 2004
    Goodyear, Arizona
    Re: Repaired firearm inspection

    I check all repairs, regardless of what type repair it is, house, car or gun. Maybe that's just me:)
  2. firefighter1635

    firefighter1635 Well-Known Member

    Jan 4, 2012
    FEMA Region V
    Re: Repaired firearm inspection

    I'd say tear it down provided you know how to put it back together.

  3. Shooter45

    Shooter45 *Administrator* Staff Member Supporting Member

    Feb 9, 2001
    Here at TFF
    Re: Repaired firearm inspection

    Maybe you should try and fire the revolver first. Then if it doesn't work, inspect or return.
  4. JLA

    JLA Well-Known Member

    Feb 26, 2007
    Heart Of Texas
    Exactly what i was just thinkin. I wouldnt be so quick to sing taurus' praises. I hate repair on warrantied tauruses.
  5. oldfartrr

    oldfartrr Active Member

    Jun 30, 2012
    northern calif
    Re: Repaired firearm inspection

    maybe its just me being weird ( ya lots of accusations to that effect) but i have NEVER shot any gun even brand new out of the box without opening it first to check it out !!! ( with used guns, has saved a few what would have been wasted trips to the range) and have had a couple new guns that went straight back to the shop.
  6. Big Shrek

    Big Shrek Well-Known Member

    Nov 10, 2009
    NorthWest Florida
    Open and inspect the repairs...
    It ain't that I don't trust Taurus, its just that I don't trust ANYONE!!

    I had a pair of Ruger Vaquero revolvers that went back 3 & 2 times...first send-back it looked like they didn't even touch 'em...
    second time ONE got fixed, the other still had issues...third time on the second revolver got it fixed...
    but after all that they still weren't as precise as I wanted, to a pair of Colt-copy Uberti's replaced the Rugers...
    Got the accuracy I wanted and the reliability...

    I care more about precision than I do anything else...so if a firearm doesn't perform to My Standards, it gets gone quick.
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