Taurus Revolver Durability

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  1. old semperfi

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    Aug 27, 2009
    i live in southern indiana,old country boy at hear
    in answer to your question,there is no answer.i have had a model 85 in stainless for over 20 years.i probably do not shoot anything but plus p 38s.this little stub shoots to point of aim every time and has never failed me.if i go camping,fishing,cutting wood or anything outdoors its always with me.i own probably 30-40 pistols of all types and brands.they are always clean and lubed.if they set for a few months then they get cleaned and relubed anyway.my point is that i have heard horror stories on just about everything.example,the lady who shot her own child when unloading a remington bolt gun.immediatly the gun was blamed and not the mother who did not practice common safety.always point a gun down of straight up when loading or unloading.had this happened her child would still be alive.always listen but never take any stories you hear as gospel. old semperfi
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    Dec 12, 2011
    Honestly, not a huge revolver fan. But, I am a gun fan. Been around the block a bit and my dad has a few. I have shot more than a few over the past few decades. I would rate revolvers
    1. Ruger
    2. Taurus
    3. S&W
    Didn't rank Colts because most people don't seem to shoot them, they seem to be safe queens for the most part.

    You will always find blown cylinders and backstraps with EVERY company....fewer with Ruger because they are built like TANKS!!!!!!! But, when you have lackluster reloaders you will have issues. I watched a guy at the range 2-3 months back fire double charges and squibs in his Ruger Alaskan (in .454 Casull I believe) for about an hour. In just about every cylinder he would have one or the other. I thought that hog was going to fly out of the old guys hands when the double loads went off. Then he would be hammering out a bullet next cylinder. If that wasn't a Ruger he would have blown his hand off....or the top of his skull.
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  3. Jwolford128

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    Feb 13, 2013
    <<Rossi's are really rough. It almost seems their policy is to sell 'em first and fix 'em when the customer complains.>>

    Yesterday I shot one .357 cartidge from my brand new Rossi revolver (6"). Cylinder locked tight. Range guy got it open and we tried .38 specials. Cylinder would not consistently set. Contacted Taurus and they're gonna fix it. I' not gonna keep it after that experience.
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