Tax the rich???

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    This is a serious question. How much would the tax rate on the rich have to be to come up with enough money to pay for all the stuff being pushed? Are there even enough rich people in this country to foot the bill? For the purpose of this use Obama's 250 grand number as rich. I am no accountant nor math whiz but it seems to me that at some point the rich will no longer be. Who will pay the freight then? Have any of those who adore him stopped to think about this?
  2. If everyone in the country was working and paying taxes...EVERYONE...every child, mental patient, senior citizen, able bodied, man, woman, black, white, citizen, student, illegal...every breathing person inside our border or citizen working abroad was paying fed tax.... would be an increase of $64 a week on your pay to cover the last bailout by next Feb.

    That's just this last bill....not the other $10, 000,000,000,000.00 we owe. That would cost you an increase of $705 a week in taxes to fix it this year...

    ...Or $176 a week to fix it before the next president is sworn in...

    So if we meet the half paid deficit goal by Obama's timeline...and...

    If every breathing person inside our border or citizen working abroad was paying fed tax...

    We'd all still need to shell out an increase of $88 a week for 4 years.

    Of course, far less than all citizens are working....and of those old enough and able bodied a lot are on welfare or unemployed etc etc.

    So...of those working and earning $250,000 annually...they are going to get slammed very hard.

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    No. There is no plan to pay for for this. The idea is to force countries that have loaned us money(like China) to call in our debts. Once they realize that their is no way to tax our way out of this mess, all they have to do dump our dollars, sell their investments in the US and everybody else will follow suit. This will result in the collapse of our dollar, the breakdown of our society and way of life. Our influence in the world will be eliminated, making many dictators in the world very happy. All those in this country that we accuse of being America haters, or blame America first crowd, will finally get what they wanted.
    No, I'm not being sarcastic, this is a purposeful, contrived plan to destroy the United States of America.
    With our military being what it is this is the only way to bring us down.
    Pelosi - useful idiot.
    Reid - useful idiot.
    Dabamma - I'm not sure.

    Many in the UN are behind the real plan. The end game will be for a world in chaos to look to the UN for order.
    Go ahead tell me I'm wrong.
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    Well, he wants to tax the top 5% heavily. The problem is that the top 5% pay around 50% of all taxes (in good times). We have cut the taxes of everyone else over the past 8 years so drastically that its hard to see a meaningful gain to the economy by decreasing taxes to the poor and middle class. Also, that's a cheap promise. You can see in the latest 'stimulus bill' that the tax decrease for the middle and lower classes is from $400-800 per year. I hate to break it to the Obama lovers but that wouldn't make steam in a cold outhouse.

    Below are the details of the tax cuts we've seen in the past 8 years, as calculated by ME... If these aren't steep enough to make a difference, then $400-800 is chump change.

    Keep in mind below that couples who can itemize and/or have children saw substantially higher gains from the tax cuts. If a couple has 3 children, lower their taxes in 2008 another $3000 under the Bush cuts.

    Yeah, Obamanomics... What a freakin' IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

    This guy doesn't want to fix America; he wants to break us and build us back up as a Socialist nation. NO ONE educated in economics, finance or accounting can say that his policies are positively productive for our economy!!!!!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

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  6. And that, my friends, is the REAL reason behind all of this BS.

    Let us all drink and partake of the delicious Kool-Aid, Comrades:p
    More like drink some of that Jim Jones Kool-Aid.

    Sieg Heil. Heil Obama.:mad:
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    In my opinion all these post thus far on this subject are well thought out, very informative and correct. I know some very wealthy people who have no intention of investing one dime of their money in this country in foreseeable future. Their reasoning: Who in their right mind would take a chance on any investment putting their money to risk only to have to pay what has been suggested by some up to a 90% tax rate should and only if there is a profit. So much for creating jobs.
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    I don't know artabr, that song seems to have more truth than ever. "tax the rich, feed the poor"
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    "till there are no rich no more". :rolleyes:

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    "To each his abillities...and to each his needs.."

    I know iv'e heard that before....?:(:(:(
  12. I heard earlier that the top 2% of earning Americans is 4 million citizens.

    Those 4 million people earn 22% of the income in America, and pay 40% of all taxes paid...already.

    So 2% already pay almost half the income tax the IRS receives.

    According to their numbers, if you confiscated 100% of the top 4 million richest Americans income, it still would only pay 50% of Obama's 2009 budget. (Not including the bail out bills...just the expanded budget.)
  13. Taxing the rich is just a smoke screen.
    We're all going to be taxed and taxed heavily.
    the tax cut equals about $650 a year...whoop dee do!
    The stimulus checks last year were $600.

    Don't quote me but from what I've heard...

    Deductions will be lowered..... as Interest we claim for our home mortgages will be cut. (This will not only hurt us, but will also stab the real estate industry in the back because so many people buy homes to be able to take that deduction)
    No more donations will be allowed and will hurt all the charitable organizations... (stabbing religious groups?)

    and other cuts in deductions.....

    the energy taxes will go thru the roof as well as cablevision and communication taxes.

    we are all screwed....not just the rich....

    Eventually we'll be paying about 65% of our wages....when it all comes down to it...

    So let's all say hoorah! All that money will go to the pork...and welfare....and our country will go down the tubes.....and at this rate....very rapidly...

    If they pass those amendments... we are soooo screwed....
  14. Only about 2/3 of my income is taxable because of my duty allowances, until I retire, then I guess I'll be fair game. Of course, one law signed is all it takes to get screwed.

    This got me thinking though.

    If a man was paying 65% of his pay in taxes, while there's people on welfare living off his work....can you give one good reason he shouldn't just turn to a non-taxable income like crime?

    What reasonable man would work his life for nothing while deadbeats live off his sweat?

    Hypothetically, just saying for the sake of making a point, I'd rather earn my living making politicians pay ransom or making merchandise fall off trucks than give 65% of my income to people having babies to get more welfare checks:D:D:D
  15. Barry and his cloest-commie friends want to tax the rich until they can't pay anymore, nationalize companies and force them to create new jobs at gov't regulated wages, put all of us back to work so we'll be happy and grateful for a job, then suprise us with at least a 50% tax rate. But cheer up comrades, we'll be working for the greater glory of our Glorious Leader and Messiah Barry. We should be willing to work for free to make his glorious and perfect workers' paradise a reality.:rolleyes:

    Everytime I think about what him, his closet-commie fellow Democrats, and most especially his puppet-masters, are trying to do I get so angry I want to vomit:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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