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    If you want to understand better why America is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, consider this depressing statistic: Today in America there are nearly twice as many people working for the government (22.5 million) than in all of manufacturing (11.5 million). This is an almost exact reversal of the situation in 1960, when there were 15 million workers in manufacturing and 8.7 million collecting a paycheck from the government. Add to that the 48% that are not gainfully employeed, and you have a disaster in the making!
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    The numbers are astonishing and quite frightening. Unsustainable.

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    And that was under one of the most OPPRESSIVE dictatorship presidents we've ever had. I wouldn't want to have lived under FDR - he nearly killed the country. He's a hero to Obama and like progressive socialists. No thanks!
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  5. Do you have a link for these numbers?
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