Teachers (some) and firearms

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    Within the recent past a female teacher from a Thurston County (WA) school district was fired for carrying a firearm to school. It seems she was in a very abusive marital relationship, separated and was afraid of her husband. She ultimately got a divorce after which her husband continued to harass and threaten her.

    Fast forward to this past week: A U.S. Forest Service law enforcement officer was shot and killed after pulling over a vehicle without license plates in the forest area she patrolled. She was shot once in the head. A short time later a man later identified as the killer of the USFS officer shot and killed a retired California corrections officer at a location where he was building his retirement home. The killer then stole that man's truck.

    A short time later Clallam County Sheriff's Deputies, after having identified the suspect and placing posters in local businesses, confronted the suspect at a convenience store and a gun battle ensued at which time the suspect was shot and killed.

    It is only luck and circumstance that the suspect's ex-wife was not gunned down......no thanks to the school district that fired her.

    So, is it not time for some of these idiot employers to realize that non-law enforcement officers, in other words regular Joe Citizen, has the right to arm and protect themselves?

    Had this woman been shot and killed by her dirt bag husband while at school I would be first to assist her survivors in bringing suit against the school district for complicity in her death. Maybe that is what it is going to take.
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    That is a cause to which I would donate.

    Ironic that the mantra of the libs is "If it saves even one life!" I guess that means that saving one life is more important than defending and saving dozens of others.


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    I wonder if the NRA has changed their position on teachers carrying guns in schools?

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    May 11, 2007
    Washington State
    How different things are today. I may have related this in a previous post but when I was a senior in high school I joined the Marine Corp Reserve before graduation. In a speech class I gave a demonstration speech on the M1 Garand. That demonstration speech included taking an over sized cutaway mock up of the Garand. Everyone, including teachers, thought it was a great demonstration speech. Can you imagine that today?

    And guess what? You never heard of a shooting at a school in those days.

    In the case I related the teacher, in defense of her wish to carry her pistol, argued that she was licensed to carry, had received considerable training and visited a local pistol range frequently and cited how her husband had threatened her and her child with a gun on several occasions before, and after, she had separated from him and filed for divorce.

    I am not suggesting had she been allowed to carry her firearm that the homicides her husband later committed would not have happened but it is only luck that he did not come to the school and kill his estranged wife and who knows how many others.
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    There will never be a bad school shooting in Utah, because their students and teachers can carry for self defense. I don't know about K-12, but the colleges in Utah are not gun free. :D

    If Wayne had just kept his mouth shut. That's what happens when you compromise. You usually end up getting screwed.
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  6. There was a very similar situation here in Oregon. A teacher obtained a CCW permit specifically to defend herself from her ex-husband and let it slip to a coworker the fact that she had a permit, never saying that she had a firearm at school. She ended up in an "interview" with her boss, HR director, etc. which came dangerously close to an illegal search.

    Of course the school district has a no-tolerance policy for weapons, but the main point of contention is that there is a law in the Oregon Revised Statutes that was passed by the legislature which states that the only government body in the state that may regulate the possession of firearms in any way is the legislature itself. A private entity may restrict guns on their property, but a county, city or school district may not restrict where a permit holder may carry a firearm and there is no state law to prevent firearms in schools.

    In the end the issue went through the courts and ended up with the Oregon State Supreme Court (a liberal hack body if I ever saw one). The decision was that an employer, government or otherwise, has the obligation to maintain a "safe" workplace and that trumps an individual's right to legally bear arms. The ruling is of course wrong (in my opinion and the opinion of many others) and is under appeal. Well see what happens.
  7. I saw the issue of teachers being armed discussed on "Dr. Phil", yesterday. They took an informal poll of the audience which was mostly against teachers carrying weapons in school. "Dr. Phil" asked any teachers in the audience to voice an opinion, and one stood up and said that she had a personal relationship with her students and she just couldn't see herself shooting her students, so no teacher should have guns in school. No kidding, that's what she said.
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    And the gene pool gets shallower and shallower.

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    Sep 25, 2007
    Check you the opening to the movie Idiocracy. It explains too much...
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    Liberals are the bane of America.

    When I hear about these kinds of stories, I want to porjectile vomit all over them.
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