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  1. This is also true when reloading for rifles like the Remington 760 and the Savage 170 as well - FULL LENGTH EM, or you are gonna run into an issue, and if you have more than one rifle in the caliber the chance for a jam up or failure to feed with these pumps is just as great as with the semi's.
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    Hello, new to the site. Was searching tips about Model 100 recall and found this site. A question. Winchester will send me a new firing pin for the old one, is this a repair that I can do? My work life was spent in the machine shop so am capable of understanding mechanical tips or anything that will help. The rifle was given to me by a friend and is in pretty good shape. The old pin was not broke when I disassembled the bolt. Would the new pin just go in the same place? Thanks for helping if you can.

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    Oct 25, 2011
    When they recalled the 100 model, Winchester sent gunsmiths a metal tray to drop each piece in, cap off then send it back to Winchester. I am looking for those trays. If anyone can give me an idea where to find one please let me know!
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    May 8, 2011
    Southern Indiana
    Just a follow-up on my questions posted last May.

    Early in June 2011 we drove down to one of the pig-shooting ranches near I-10 in central Texas. I used both my Model 100--with Wolf 147 gr SP ammo and a 4-10x 50mm scope to help these old eyes in the late night shooting, and my Saiga 12 semi-auto Shotgun, Mixed loads of Win. and Rem Slugs and a turkey hunting scope 1.5-6x40mm. I left the drum mag and the long stick mags in the truck and armed the saiga with the factory 5 round box, mainly to save weight when wandering thru the woods.

    The three of us, two Grandpa's and our 13 yr old grandson manged to shoot 6 hogs. I got two, one with the model 100 and the other with the Saiga. The boy got three, all with his 30-30 Marlin, and Paw got the last one with his Marlin lever 44 mag. Largest hog was 180 lb hanging weight, the smallest was a 75 lb dumb **** (Sholt!) who got between the grandson and a larger hog that was his prime target.

    The Model 100 functioned just fine with the Foreign ammo. I used up about 50 rounds getting used to how they worked together before we left. It took only two rounds at the 'zero-range' to be sure the gun was dead-on. The rifle took the first hog, shot at about 90 yards about 11pm from a ground blind, we had dumped some corn on the ground, but didn't have feeders to draw their attention. Same for lights. A couple of hand-held spotlights, but no feeder lighting.

    The only down side of the blind shooting is that the 'big money' critters (Bison, Elk and various exotic antelopes) came in to mooch the bait corn, and the hogs knew enough to use them for cover as they trolled for 'chow'. Since a young elk went for $800 and the big Bison would have cost $2100 had we shot one, sorting out the targets from the innocent bystanders was a bit interesting.

    The second hog (110 lb) fell to the Saiga at about 30 yards moving rather quickly away from us as we walked thru his territory. Frankly the slug really did a job on both shoulders. Since we wanted BBQ meat this was a real case of overkill. Next time I will stay with the 308.

    We have enjoyed the results several times this fall.

    I was lucky to find another Model 100, the Carbine Version this time, at a local estate auction. It shoots as well as the longer barrel Rifle version (19 inches vs 22 inches) The balance is even better when a scope is mounted. My wife has fired the Carbine several times, and thinks she will use it for our next (her first) hog hunt later this winter.

    So thanks for the feedback on my earler questions, and now I have to find a Model 88 to match these two prize-winners!

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    Nov 27, 2010
    JD-N-TN, Winchester will not send you the parts. Not sure if they will even support the recall now that it is a wholly different company. At best, you will have to return it to a factory authorized service center.

    Thanks for digging up a (ahem) VERY familiar post from 2002! :)
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    Oct 25, 2011
    Thanks for the info in the recall although I'm just looking for the tray they sent to gunsmiths themselves. I have no problem with the Winchester, but my husband and I are locksmiths and he has one from years ago and the compartments are perfect for setting out locks pieces, pubs etc. So now I'm looking for a tray to use myself. Nothing they make these days compares to the ease of use for this and it wasn't made for locksmiths to begin with!
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