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    I hope this is the right place to both ask the question and to pose some thoughts. If not, would the moderator please let me know to which forum it would be better posted.
    For the last 35 years I have been an active firearms instructor and the last 21 years, full time.
    During those years I spent many hours in both teaching and being taught by and with some of the finest instructors of the twentieth century )IMHO of course). Clint Smith, Maas Ayoob, Robbie Baarkman, Jeff Cooper, Dennis Tueller, and more. The key was to become very good at being able to protect myself and my loved ones and if possible, when asked, to provide the very best instruction that I could possible give to others. To both ends, I believe I have been successful.
    Originally, my thoughts and actions were to prevent bad guys from harming me or my loved ones in or around my home, office or even possibly, on the streets. The bad guys were (ostensibly) burglars, rapists, addicts, robbers etc. or basically misfits or outcasts of our society for one reason or another.
    The bottom line is that I worked very hard to remain "aware" at all times while away from home and to have "hardened my perimeters" in or around my home, including my dogs and safe rooms.

    I carry, every place that I go and I continue to practice with my carry piece nearly every day of my life. Many years ago I had to use my firearm to save my own butt and from that time I have not been able to go out without a tool at my hand to at least try to stop a threat if ever it happens again. Therefore I am unable to leave home without my firearm in one carry device or the other.

    But here is the new and to me scariest situation I/we have ever had to face. Terrorism/terrorists. These are new kids on the block and they are truly the scariest thing you and I will ever have to deal with and frankly, even at the possibility of stepping on some toes or being non PC, I think these guys are recognizable.
    However, as with the old, tried and true bad guys, we cannot shoot first and ask questions later. We must be attacked or threatened first. Unfortunately, these guys are the worst kind of cowards in that they use bombs, explosives against large, gatherings. How do we protect ourselves against these bastards? What do we look for to stay AWARE.? How do we AVOID them or the areas they might be found?
    We have a new and more dangerous (criminal) than we have ever faced in our lives. Make no mistake, the Muslims have brought international terrorism into the heart of our land and in so doing, forced us to begin vigilance on a scale never known to the men and women of the United States of America.
    When we couple that with the new liberal bent to destroy the Constitution and therefore the heart of this Nation and all of the "AMERICANS" within we have basically given them a wide open and vulnerable target from which to choose and removed normal restrictions.

    Not only do we have to protect against being in the wrong place at the right time (for them) so to speak and worry about one of their cowardly and horrific bombs, we must also worry about being taken hostage in a bank or marketplace or some other facility where several people might be gathered while performing their normal, daily routines. I honestly believe they will begin doing something like this and then waiting until all the media shows up for their sound bites and then they kill themselves and everyone with them in the facility.

    How many if any of you have begun to think along these lines and are more aware than ever before of your surroundings and with even more cause for concern.
    Or am I as so many might say, "paranoid"?

    (BTW, remembering what Clint Smith has said for as long as I have known him, "I am not paranoid, I've got the gun").

    What say you and my apology up front for running so long while attempting to keep it short and to the point.

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    Paranoid is fear without a reason. There are reasons aplenty. You have made it a practice to be aware of your surroundings. I think you are right on point.

    Any threat is lessened when we are prepared. Recently I saw two individuals walking back and forth, down my block who looked suspicious. I walked out into the front yard to make them aware I was watching them. Later that evening, two 'unidentified people' tried to break in next door. My son, who had heard my observations earlier, scared them off.

    I believe they would have gone to my house if I had not made it a point to show them I was watching.

    Crooks and terrorists are looking for an easy mark.

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    Apr 23, 2009
    I agree 1000%. And don't forget terrorism's best friends in elected office, all over the country!
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    Nov 27, 2009
    you have hit the nail on the head. there is no concern for life, anymore I don"t leave home without a weapon, better safe than sorry. I still worry about these crazies & I live in the midwest, I can"t imagine living on the east or westcoast. everyone stay safe & god bless.
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    Nov 29, 2009
    They have to do something about this. It angers me too. Where I live near Madison is generally a pretty safe area. I can't say that for all Madison residents. Milwaukee is just a craphole. It's full of gangs, etc, etc. Yet they will not legalize conceal carry. Our governor even said, and I quote, we have more important things to worry about than conceal carry. I'd like him to say that to the thousands of people who are victim to crime every day in our state. We can open carry, but in places where I live and especially Milwaukee, there are tons of liberals who will call the police on you for carrying a weapon, and in the end you'll wind up with a ticket. If those people don't see it, they won't freak out right? The law also says you can only respond with equal force. Like if someone broke into your house and isn't armed, you can't shoot them. Even if they are armed, and you shoot them, the court will try to say that you didn't need to use that amount of force to stop the person. Better off just letting them take what they want, and calling the police who will eat donuts all day until they find the guy. Is it just Wisconsin, or does our society as a whole just lack any common sense?

    I feel sorry for the people in states like California. That's gang central. I mean the Muslims are probably the least of your worries out there.

    Awhile back, there was some high-level, management guy that worked for the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team. I heard about it on the news that he was in the bar, throwing alot of money around, came out with two girls, and was robbed and shot or something by a Latin King member. I mean you would think that especially with stuff like that, they would pass a conceal carry law. I also posted another article further showing cause for why they need to pass conceal carry here.

    Idk. I feel as though politicians are cutting our legs out from under us. Elected representatives is not the right word for many of them. I would rather call them "fixers" because they are just there to push some agenda. The only guy in my state that I actually think is doing something for the good of the people is Russ Feingold. Even though he is a Democrat, he often times does what is the right thing, not what his party or anyone else tells him to do. I think it's just that there's so many liberals in our state that it's becoming this way. Where you can't do anything without committing a crime or pissing somebody off. What they refer to as a "Nanny state."

    I'd like to tell liberals this... In states where there are strict gun laws, there is high crime rate. Of all the states who have passed shall-issue conceal carry laws, how many of them have repealed it? -Not a single one. Therefore, why is this not a good idea? Criminals are going to get guns one way or another so why is it right to disarm law-abiding people?
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    UncleFudd, this is something that has been weighing on my mind for some time. I live in TX, but am not in one of the big cities, so I'm not to worried about the gangs that roam the large cities. However, they are spreading out all over the U.S. Both of these threats, (Muslims) terrorists, and the gangs scare me a lot. The terrorists cowards will kill as many as possible with every chance they get, with a well placed bomb, or some other weapon of mass distruction. Maybe staying away form large gatherings as much as possible is some security, but then again, we cannot isolate our selves from the rest of humanity for long. The gangs are no bargin either. They roam in packs, and are well armed. My .45 wouldn't be of much good against a bomb, or a car load of gansters armed with AK's. Where is our government? People are coming accross our borders to the south like they were not there. I was watching a show the other day about the borders, and one of the Border Patrol Agents was talking about the fact that they, the BPA, were out numbered,and out gunned. If our BPA, FBI, and CIA agents feel outnumbered, and out gunned, where do we stand? Arming ourselves, and being ever viligent is a high price to pay for security, but I, for one, will pay it. My question is why isn't our government shutting down our souther borders? I don't mean a wall, that's just stupid to me. I mean a real prescence in numbers, and fire power for our agents.
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    Nov 29, 2009
    Maybe we should send an additional 30k troops to the US to secure the border with Mexico. I don't know how much that would help. I also saw a program on A&E or something where they found an underground tunnel that went from Tijuana to San Diego and they were smuggling illegal aliens through it that way. I disagree with immigration quotas. If people want to immigrate here, they should let them, but they should do it legally like my grandparents and everyone else's. You would think that after 9/11, they would REALLY tighten immigration. But the way it is, is that the Democrats don't care to do anything about it because the illegal aliens will vote for them because the Democrats care about minorities. I heard awhile back during those YouTube debates that they even wanted to give these aliens drivers' licenses. Lol. How can some people vote for these idiots? I don't get it I guess. Maybe I should run for office.

    As for the gang violence... around here where I live it isn't too bad. I can't keep a loaded gun in my house because it's my parents house, and I'm saving up for my own house right now. But as soon as I see or hear about gang members in my neighborhood doing drive-bys with Uzis, or mass shootouts, I'm taking that trigger lock off my gun and keeping it loaded by my side at all times. Hell, I might go out and buy myself a nice AR.

    What will be funny is that once gang violence starts hitting home the way it has in California and New York, as well as other places, all the liberals will change their mind about guns.

    I mean take that idiot from Washington state for example. Just walks up and kills four cops because he hates cops. That could easily be any of us next time. Some guy like that could shoot me because he hates white people.

    I'd feel a million times safer if my state gave me the right to carry concealed or openly in public without persecution from the idiots who don't know the laws, or the cops that hand out tickets because others are complaining. If other people don't want to carry, nobody says they have to. But they should shut up and stop trying to impose their own moral values and opinions about guns on everyone else. The people who don't like guns are more often than not the ones who have never been around them.
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    The problem with the larger gangs is the fact that they are outside the law, and therefore carry some full auto AK's, grenades, and anything else that they want to use. Grenades have been used by gangs in some of the larger TX cities, and in places like Atlanta. Having a pistol against these types of weapons, including terrorist bombs, is like taking a knife to a gun fight. It ain't the same thing at all. Even the police don't carry some of these weapons. If you are bent in the direction of lawlessness, even RPG's can be had, and used, as they are in Mexico.
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    I am almost sure this will sound cruel and unfair. I was born in a country considered a breeding space for terrorists. I agree with almost all the interventions in this thread. I don't know how many have taken a good look at terrorism as a threat to the whole world and the response to such a menace from the countries subjected to it especially the U.S.A. Your government and most americans supposedly stick to the Constitution and the Laws and expect that everybody should benefit from the human rights status, no matter who he is or what he does.
    The terrorist does not play by those rules, so we have planes going against the World Trade Center, kidnappings and car bombs killing our beloved ones and all kind of atrocities against minorities. Consider the state of fear of the handful of christians in the middle east. In Lebanon that I visited and returned just 4 days ago, the leading terrorist organization Hizbollah, have just obtained a formal recognition from the parliament as a struggling force against "any enemy" and the palestinians are allowed to keep their weapons in the camps of refugees and claim their "right" to carry them in all the lebanese territory. There, law abiding citizens are sentenced to five years, if they are caught with a firearm and ten years for firing it anywhere.
    Terror? Lebanon has an army that is supposed to protect its sovereign institutions but when bombs and RPGs start flying it is absent.

    Israel solved the threat of school buses and restaurants being blown up by fanatical suicide bombers. It has been a considerable time since an act of this kind took place. When a suicide bomber or other attacker is identified, his house, and those of his relatives no matter if they knew or not of his activities, are blown up by the israeli authorities and the inhabitants expelled.

    It sounds cruel or rather it is cruel, but it is a lesson for would be terrorists of what will happen to their families. Most refrain.

    Who can explain to me the fairness of giving a legal or humanitarian treatment to that guy who, violently rapes all the rules we are supposed to abide?

    Recently, of a captured terrorist band, I think in Egypt, 16 members were former prisoners in Guantanamo base and released by the American Authorities on humanitarian or legal basis. If this policy represents the future attitude there will be more terrorism. A terrorist is someone who have rejected the validity of the law and other peoples rights, so it is very fair to deprive him of the benefits he had willingly renounced.

    If Guantanamo was a Saudi establishment. All its residents would be beheaded.

    Democracy is costing the U.S.A a very high price.
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    Jan 11, 2010

    its not so much democracy but the PC liberal veiws of those running the democracy who also by the way are removing the freedoms of the democracy every chance they get

    look in Australia

    all the terrorist here so far are immigrants

    they attend a few selected mosques and have the same religous associations

    if we acted as Israel does these follow on's , would not exist.

    but instead we shelter them , give them free money , free housing and allow them to breed thier hatred and educate thier kids in to this hatred

    we have to make a stand now

    either your with us or against us

    those with , fine

    those against

    get out or we get rid of you, any way nessecary to do so

    it is now a war.

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    I don't know if anyone here can speak latin but this is what I got to say

    (if you want peace prepare for war)
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    Jan 11, 2010


    one of my favourite quotes from the Roman senate taken from the Illiad i think


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    I suppose it would be asking too much from our beloved elected officials to stop the infestation of our nation by the global criminal organizations. I do know that my pleas and various begging tirades have gone unheeded over the past year. In fact, my congresspersons and Senators don't even bother to return my calls or respond in subject to my letters. I have sent them a question...phrased as follows...on three seperate occasions...

    "Dear esteemed (Sir/Madam), Where exactly in the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, or the Federalist Papers, used to quantify the Authors position in the finished product, does it preclude to afford the government the ability to regulate, legislate, or to otherwise apply conditions to The Peoples right to keep and bear arms?"

    I have recieved three responses. One from congress stating his heart-felt thanks for sharing my veiws on weapons of mass destruction, another from the senate thanking me for sharing my veiws on terrorism, the final one from the president? thanking me for my overwhelming support for his healthcare reform agenda. Dare I preclude at this point, to assume that my letters were not even read?

    Folks, we are on our own out here to protect, not only ourselves, but others like us. We bear the responsibility and burden of banding together in whatever context necessary to form a union that will afford protection to our communities, our States, as well as our nation. It has became obvious that the powers that be are not going to protect us. Who does that leave but us?We can try to stand alone, or we can overcome the obstacles together. The problem is...will we manage to do it before it is too late, as it was for the Jews not so long ago? The time when the Germans were kicking down the doors and yelling, "Marschieren Sie jetzt zur Seife-Fabrik"...or more to the point..."March now to the soap factory"....where they were rendered into lard to make soap to lather up the arm pits of the German army...

    "We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately"
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    My sentiments to a tee. Situational awareness is key as it is a requirement to survive ANY hostilities. Preparedness is the other half to that equation. Just owning a gun is better than nothing, but is no substitute for owning a gun/s and training with it. No law will stop an outlaw of any form from perpetrating whatever horrendous atrocity he spins in his crooked head, hence the name. The trick is to train above and beyond what we did for a standard for gangs, rapists, murderers, etc. You have to think about the tactics and warfare, as that is in essence what terrorism is, and train to counter. Think of the surroundings in which you would most likely encounter the threat where you live, and then think about the ones you think you would never see them in, and train for BOTH. Because most likely you will encounter them where you would least expect them, as well as where you would. Think outside the box, play out scenarios in your head and decide what you would do in that situation, and why, and what the outcome would be, then do it again and again. And think about these randomly. Half of the preparedness lays with a premeditated reaction to the given situation. Don't live in fear, but live in confidence. If we budge an inch they would take 10 miles, so don't give them the satisfaction. If we as a nation were more confident, prepared, and less complacent and tunnel visioned, we wouldn't have been in the predicament we are in now. I appreciate the concern this forum has for our rights and lives, but I wish that it would be more widespread through this country. Keep your game face on, and don't give an inch.
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    What do the terorists want to do? Make a big bang to be most effective so it needs to be in the most effective place. I personally stay out of the big cities, not out of fear but because I don't particularily like them anyways.

    To me we are back to the Clinton/Gore theory treating terrorists like someone who just jacked a car or spray painted grafitti. Read them their rights and give them a lawyer. Too me we need practice our waterboarding techniques. Why hold them in conditions that are two cuts above where they have been all their lives? They are enemy combatants and should be teated as such. If they have committed mass murder then give them a cigarette and a blindfold.