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    Mar 25, 2001
    When my son got home during Christmas Exodus 2009 from Ft Knox during his basic/advanced, we had a lot of long talks, and one of them involved Harold Coyle's books that are based on armor....

    I asked him whether the TC on an Abrams had the reach to kick the gunner in the head, and related the story from "Bright Star" where the tired Egyptian gunner on an M60 forgot to switch from cannon to coax and engaged the Russian General standing to the side when they overran the Russian command vehicles at close range and put an AP round through his chest, and the Egyptian TC kicked him in the head calling him foul names in Arabic for being incompetent and wasting a cannon round....

    Well, today, before I left home for my late inventory today, my wife walks into the room I was in with a puzzled look on her face, telling me she got a text message from Michael for me...( I can't get texts on my company cell phone....)

    ...."Tell Dad today in the simulater I screwed up and engaged a single sniper at 200 meters with HEAT. He will understand. Tell him NO the TC can't reach. But I got him, and it was pretty impressive even though I got abused!"

    My wife looks at me all confused while I am laughing, and I started to explain long form about coaxial MGs and the gunner having to switch and how the sight adjusts for each and what is appropriate for what targets...and when I saw I was losing her, I just said, "It's an inside joke. He forgot to hit a switch on his sight," and left it at that.

    I guess that's why they keep training new tank gunners....hopefully if he has to do it for real he WON'T waste a HEAT round....but then again, maybe he WILL;):)

    He ALWAYS liked to cheat at video games...;)
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    good he gets some sim time hope he gets live fire time too..hopefully on a range that is..

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    Mar 25, 2001
    Funny you should say that, I asked him about that.

    Their budgets are so tight they have cut out a live fire cycle for this year just to save ammo costs, and were talking of cutting or curtailing another.

    He's been a Gunner since January and he and his crew have yet to fire a live cannon round or an MGs on their new tanks.

    It's all simulator training with the tank guns, while in the field it's just tactics, and movement, and maintenance, no live firing yet. The next firing cycle/qualifications is in June, so when he comes home in July he should have had live fire experience in his own tank.

    The good thing is simulator training is a helluva lot more realistic than before, in fact, my son says at least for gunners it is worse than being in a tank....gunners have to keep their eyes in the sights at all times and many suffer from vertigo, nausea and at least constant headaches from the constant movement of the turret constantly swinging while the tank is moving forward that you have to get used to...he says the sensation is WORSE in the simulator than real life....so that might be one good thing.

    In fact in Basic/Advanced when he was learning to drive and load, they allowed everybody a chance to fire a couple of live rounds from the gunner's position for "familiarization," and those are still the only live tube rounds he has fired so far.

    He says they seem to have all the 5.56 and 9mm they want for now, and spend a lot of range time with their M4s and M9s though...

    And while I am all for cutting the Federal Budgets, I get worried when the FIRST thing Democrats mention is always DEFENSE...

    It's bad enough most of their Bradleys are way past time for replacement of tracks due to the amount the Army is going through in Iraq and Afghanistan over allotment, they are rotating them in service to save wear and tear...

    It's amazing how much of that so called "Peace Dividend" got spent on OTHER programs...and I fear we are going back into another typical American Cycle of War that we have had for most of our history, that was "temporarily" suspended during the Cold War....where we cut back THROUGH the bone until we need it after a surprise attack, whether it is Indians, MExicans, Spaniards, Germans, Japanese, CHinese, Vietnamese, whatever and take years to ramp back up to where we need to be and then win the war, but in the meantime unprepared and poorly trained grunts have to die until we get it right AGAIN.

    Yeah, there is a happy medium somewhere, but we NEVER find it, we spend either too much or more usually TOO LITTLE on the military in all our history, and we end up paying the price in blood that we SHOULD have paid in sweat and money in peacetime.

    Yeah, maybe 2.1 Million uniformed military with the capability to fight TWO major wars and several low level conflicts at once like we had in the 60s and 70s was too much, but 600.000 some odd in ALL services, and being strapped for cash to fight only two LIMITED conflicts like now is too LITTLE....

    But one thing he said last time we talked is he's glad we spent so much time shooting rifles and pistols and hunting and then Skeet....and he thinks all that Skeet we shot over the past couple of years when he was in college and before he went in helped him the MOST in the tank.....

    While he said his sight and computer is AMAZING and does so much work computing lead, wind, barrel droop, barometric pressure, virtually everything the gunner needs, so that if he has it set for the right round all he has to do is keep the sight on target....

    You STILL can't jerk the trigger....:p You still have to be be smooth, SQUEEZE and most importantly he said, FOLLOW THROUGH...;) or you will miss just like anything else....that computer is so fast it WILL put the round where the crosshairs WERE when the trigger is pulled, not necessarily where the gunner WANTS it to go.....

    Some things never change with ANY shooting.....

    But MOST soldiers NEVER fired ANY weapon before they went into the service, which is scary if you think about it, not ANYTHING like the "old days" when it was just the opposite, and MOST kids HAD fired at least some type of gun as a kid.