The 3 A.M. Red Phone ad, by Clinton Inc.

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    If your not in Ohio, Texas, Maine or Rhode Island, you may have missed Senator Clinton's "3 A.M. red phone" ad. It was used in last weeks ads leading up to those primaries.

    In the ad a voice says "It's 3 A.M. the red phone in the White House is ringing, there is a crisis some where in the world. Who do you want to answear that phone call?" The implication is that Senator Clinton would be better at handling a crisis then Senator Obama due to her "experiance"

    When I first heard this ad I thought it was a parody. What experiance where they talking about? Rush Limbaugh has a parody of this ad where the crisis at 3 a.m. that Senator Clinton is handling has to do with former President Bill Clinton's late night "activities":eek::eek:!

    This ad hurt both the democrat candidates. To me it highlights Senator Clinton's lack of experiance to deal with a crisis over seas! It would be a great ad for Senator McCain to run against either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama. The backers of Senator Obama whined that it was dirty politics. I thought it was a goofy ad, but not dirty politics. The whining form the Obama camp made them seem whimpy.
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