The Best Chocolate Pudding

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    Apr 1, 2007
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    Feb 23, 2009
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    Bump, this is really good and very simple to make. Kids can help out and enjoy together.

  3. Redhand

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    Apr 14, 2009
    I made up a batch and it was GoooooD!!!!!!! I'm going to try a little twist on the recipe and will let you know how it turns out.:D
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    Jun 8, 2010
    I love chocolate. Thanks for sharing the recipe.
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    Aug 3, 2009
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    Chocolate Gravy and Buttermilk Biscuits

    My grandmother made chocolate pudding with a similar recipe, except we called it chocolate gravy and she served it over buttermilk biscuits. Oh my. Chocolate gravy and biscuits is still one of my all time favorite breakfasts, followed very quickly by buttermilk waffles with chocolate syrup. Homemade chocolate syrup that was like hot fudge poured over butter smothered waffles. Anyone gain weight yet?

    Anyway, my grandmother's recipe was as above, but increase the cocoa to 4 tblsps, and add 1/2 tsp salt, which inhances all the flavors, and increase the butter to 1/3 cup and there you have it. Serve HOT immediately when it just reaches the boiling point over HOT buttermilk biscuits. Leftovers got covered and chilled and eaten as pudding, or reheated and eaten over more biscuits.

    For chocolate syrup, my grandmother took a cup of semi sweet chocolate chips, just barely covered them in water, then heated them until melted and stirred until smooth, adding water until they were the right consistency, which was thick, but pourable. Nice crisp buttermilk waffles fresh off the griddle, buttered generously, with hot fudge on top. Real butter only, of course. Damn. Now my toast for breakfast seems suddenly boring. Hell of a lot better for me, I suppose.

    My son used to make me chocolate gravy and biscuits for my birthday breakfast. Just like I taught him, from Grandma's recipe.
  6. Second year of marriage mother in law made fun of wife because she made pudding from a box. She calls he mom on the phone and gets the directions.

    We couldn't cut it, Couldn't flush it down the toilet, dog walked away from it, the cat laid on it and purred.

    Turns out when it comes to the cornstarch part of the recipe the wife thought her ma had said big C but her mom had said big T.

    After that it was pudding from the box again and forever more.

    Anyway the wife is long gone but I still eat pudding and I think I will try it but maybe with just a touch of cinnamon in it. If its any good and the wife comes back she aint getting any, let her keep to her boyfriend and her boxes.
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    How does a food thread on a firearms forum become an advertising link for things completely unrelated?

    Take your crap somehwere else.:mad:
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    I thought that looked really SPAMMY too.....:rolleyes:
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    I'm not a mod here but I know what is appropriate.
    "thanks, I like chocolate" for a segway to 'website marketing'?


    I'm sure that the mods have their hands full. But they need our help in cleaning this crap up.

    I reported the offenders. All our help will make a difference.

    As for the recipe, I'll try it this weekend.:)
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    I'd have reported it the other day, but I forgot about it. I guess I was thinking about the pudding. ;)
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    So it's raining in Iowa, and I cann't get into the fields. My daughters are on summer break, and the youngest one and I made this pudding....Wonder why we ever buy it in a box daughters and the wife and I think it's wonderful!! We will be trying the suggested variations as well. Thanks ninjatoth!!

    This has to be a first as well...even the spammers enjoyed it!

    Best regards, Kirk
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    That was funny with the spammers.

    My grandmother made a butterscotch variation of the pudding too. She made great butterschotch, chocolate and banana cream pies. Light and airy. She must have used whip cream in them somehow. I've tried to duplicate it, but can't get it right. Oh, and the coconut cream pie. That was one of my favorites.
  13. 300 H&H

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    Apr 1, 2007
    the secret in incorperating whipped cream into a pudding or custurd base is the way you stir it...or should I say not stir but fold it toghther. Know what I mean? you take your spoon to the bottom from the side and flip or roll he spoon over sort of slowly repeating the motion till they are mixed, but only just to this point. But I am sure yon already knew this. Your grand mother must have been a very good cook.;) Mine was as well.:) They did alot more than we do today, with much more basic ingredients and proccessed nothing....This pudding is liberating...I think we should take a stand against store bought boxed pudding!!:p:D:D.....What do you pudding lovers out there say?:rolleyes: Scratch or nothing at all!!!

    regards, Kirk
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