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    It is surprisingly comfortable and my revolver is well-concealed. I have NO problems whatsoever sitting down. I ride my Harley all over the place with this holster with my .357 in it. Over time while riding, it is easy to forget I am carrying. What I love about the SmartCarry is that I can wear what I want to...including all shirts tucked in. It is almost impossible to know or see that I am carrying, unless you knew it and was looking for it. The preconceived notion I had was that it would be difficult to draw from a seated position. But with practice, this also is not only doable but anyone can develop speed in the draw. The gun is carried in a place that people are usually not starring at, and since I have my shirts tucked in, no one would even dream that I was carrying and this immediately relaxes everyone around me. The other day, I was attending a party at a Harley dealership. I walked by two cops and neither even suspected I was carrying. Of course, it would not matter since I have a CCW permit. But, if I can have the general public relaxed around me and not suspect anything, then that keeps the liberals quiet and it might give me an edge when confronted in a criminal assault situation. I also realize that no one holster pleases everyone, so this is my opinion and experience. I have purchased and worn several types of holsters. The SmartCarry is the most comfortable and the deepest concealment I have experienced. Tactical Tim Schmidt (USCCA) has a nice video on the SmartCarry. This can be found at:
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