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  1. I have just read and listened to the report about Charla Nash, it seems unbelievable that something this horrific can happen in a modern city. I'm sure that we have all said a prayer for this Lady. The lady on the phone had to wait for over 12 minutes, before the Police arrived, and shot dead the Chimp.
    This just goes to prove that you can not be protected 24 hours a day, and that you never know what dangers you and your family could be facing at any moment. A neighbour with a firearm.............well, that would be an irresponsible neighbour, why should he/she be allowed to own a gun.
    The crazy thing is, if this had happened in the UK, near my house and I had used one of my firearms to kill the Chimp, I would be facing a jail term of at least 5 years. The owner of the Chimp, a slap on the wrist.

    "God Bless Charla Nash".
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    Nov 20, 2008
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    A woman was driving down the freeway here, being chased by her ex. She was on the phone with the police, begging for help. The ex got there first, with the typical results since she wasn't armed. Police didn't show up until well after everything was over.

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    Charlie, I sure you've seen the quote "when seconds count, the police are only minutes away".
    That is not a cut on LE, it's just the facts. The cops, bless them, are doing the best they can. They just can't be every where at once.
    As far as me shooting the chimp, It sucks to be him.
    I'm not a hunter by the way.

  4. artbar, I could not agree more, the Police do a great job, and never seem to get the credit they deserve. But those Liberal softies that seem to be running our nations these days, need to wake up and realise that we don't live in the perfect world, and placing more and more restrictions on people who stay within the law, is not going to stop the criminals, just help them.

    The point I was making, is that here in the UK, if I went to the aid of someone being attacked or murdered, and used my guns to stop the attack, I wouldn't even need to fire a shot, I would be the one going to prison. But if I had witnessed the attack on Charla, I would like to think that I would have done the right thing.

    When I applied for my gun licence, I was asked, if someone broke into my home, and was attacking me or my family, would I use my firearms. The correct reply " no, I would wait for the Police to arrive". If I had said "yes", my application for a firearm would have been turned down.
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    Hey Charlie, it's just about the same way in Maryland. I now live in Pennsylvania! When I lived in Maryland (or as I like to call it, the Peoples Republic of Maryland) I did some work as a Bail Enforcement Agent (bounty hunter). The state wouldn't let me carry a firearm, until I had worked for my Bondsman for two years. The reality of going into Baltimore unarmed and picking up thugs, limited that work to a part time job and I only stuck with it for a year. I'll just say that I'm lucky to be posting this. Young and dumb pretty much covers it.
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    I hear what you're saying, Charlie. Luckly some areas of the U.S. are more conservative and have a little more common sense than others. If you look at the famous, or infamous :rolleyes: Red/Blue map from our 2000 election,
    the Red (pink) states are the common sense states, more or less. ;) :)

    I'm talking strictly state government wise. I don't want to get flamed to bad here. ;) :D


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    Charlie, that was one of the very first things that I said to my wife after I heard the tape on maybe the second time.

    The biggest shame of the whole thing, besides the women almost being killed, is that she was BEGGING the police to shoot the ape. But as Art pointed out, that was in CT, and that is EXACTLY the reason that I moved away from that liberal hot bed.

    Granted I still live in a blue state, but it is that way because of one city.

    New Mexico is like this.
    Concealed carry without a permit, petty misdemeanor. Open carry, legal.
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