The effect of fire.

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    Dec 20, 2007
    Oh boy! Here we go, I'm gonna "vent" and this might take a while. The small town/county where I live as well as surrounding areas have suffered some structural and forest fires. It was either 6-8 homes (vacant) and over 200 acres of forest. Forest fires happen, especially given the very dry season. But!, this is a town where the fire department is utilized to trim some of the taller trees in town. Well, the ladder truck is used. Point is that 6-8 structural fires is within a 2 year period or better and most exstinguished with minimal damage. All of these fires were in a 6 month period. To what do we owe this frequent of fire? Arson!!:mad: Was it some crazed lunatic that was off of his medication? Or perhaps a recent parole with bed wetting tendencies? Maybe even some homeless people that were run off too quickly to douse their heating source? NOPE!!

    FIREFIGTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ages 21 and under (4 I believe, 3 for sure). The 21 year old was just inducted FULL TIME at my town fire department. PAID firefigther w/BENEFITS. Well paid I might add. Paid to keep the trucks clean, watch T.V., have the girlfriend over on the night shift, pretty much nothing! The others were volunteers. The fires were set and they went back to there lounges and waited for the call. No doubt, with smiles on their faces. Now I ask you, what next? That, and I don't care who you are, is a form if not just flat out, terrorism! Those houses may have been vacant but they were awful close to houses that were occupied. Oh, the full time jerk was given opportunity to resign. Big whoop. They were chargedwith arson is this county and once this county is done, they'll be facing another county. I'm damn disappointed and I appreciate the chance to write it down somewhere. Thanks TFF, God Bless.
  2. This has happened many times in the last 20 yrs or so. Firefighters caught creating work. Sad, sick individuals...:(:mad:

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    Maybe the county cops can go rob banks and then chase themselves?... :confused:;)
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    Dec 20, 2007
    Funny you mentioned that! Had something like that too. Counties head investigator, DEA operations, charged with embezzlement. It's been a few years but that was for $!(). FBI investigations and so on. Somehow this guy goes through a nasty divorce, looses his a**, and a year later ends up with acreage on the other end of the county. Expensive acreage. Final draw, charged with misappropriation of funds. Asked to retire, kept full benefits. Our county safety coordinator/advisor (posistion exsists so the sherrifs son could have a jod)...under investigation for computer fraud. This county is corrupt.
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