The "fair and imperial" MSM is at it again

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  1. The "fair and impartial" MSM is at it again

    Well, since the "Fair and impartial" media seems to have forgotten all about the "huge numbers" of American guns "flooding" into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, they are now spouting about how American guns "fuel" gang wars in Jamaca:rolleyes:

    Now this is getting old. The gov't and the press spout off about how "90% of the crime guns in Mexico come from the US," a number that was disproved by someone at BATFE! Of course, anyone with more than two firing synapses would know that the 90% figure was a bunch of crap. Well, now, they're at it again, saying that OUR guns are the cause of the gang problems in Jamaca:rolleyes: Same crap, different day. If the story can't get any traction, just change the name of the country and try it again. The "fair and impartial" MSM can't even bother to come up with a new set of lies, they just modify the old lies are regurgitate them:rolleyes::rolleyes: I also notice that both of these sets of problems seem to stem from the drug trade. Here's an idea, do something about the DOPERS that are killing people in these foreign countries and leave my guns ALONE!!!:mad:
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    Old, and so full of holes it's pathetic!

    This means that the firearm originated somewhere in the U.S. So do many military weapons that are eventually turned against the U.S. The origin of a weapon is not the problem!

    The other thing has to do with that little "those whose origin can be traced" part. They refuse to state how many untraceable weapons they find...or ignore.

    And that is supposed to be our problem????

    So what exactly is the problem with police cracking down on the gangs? When gangs fully understand that the most likely result of their activity is their own violent death then they tend to find other things to do.

    See first part of this post. How come they are so unable to responsibly monitor the imports to their own country?

    Guess they answered the question.

    Once again, the failures of another country is blamed on the United States of America.

  3. Yep, old and full of holes. Just like when they were spouting off about our guns causing the doper-related problems in Mexico.

    Well, you know it's easier for all those other countries to blame us instead of taking responsibility for their own crappy governments. I guess Jamaca saw how much money The Hussein is throwing at Mexico in an effort to stop the "american crime guns" from crossing the border and they decided they want some of that Barry coin too.:rolleyes:
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