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The Grounding Rod

Discussion in 'The VMBB True Story Tellers' started by Guest, Feb 27, 2003.

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    V.I.P. Member
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    (7/11/01 1:43:52 pm)
    | Del All The Grounding Rod
    OK… you want short stories… here goes….

    NUGs were always ribbed and teased with stuff like…

    “Go to the S-4 and get a bottle of BFO pitch” or “Go to the S-4 and ask for a number 16 Fallopian tube”
    Etc and so forth.. you get the idea… someone is ALWAYS pulling their leg about something.

    And yeah… I got my NUG indoctrination with the “Fallopian tube” thing (but that is another story)

    Most all of us that had anything to do with Commo, knew what RF is and how you can get hurt if not downright BURNED with it. Now I must admit, that in all the years I humped a radio or ran a shack, no one every got hurt by RF or other hazardous stuff in the Commo shack….and almost every mission had some sort of warning about stuff like that… so everyone knew the song by heart…..

    But in 1978 (or 79) my reserve unit went up to Ft. McCoy in Wisconsin for a summer camp… two weeks of pure, unadulterated BS….. but most of us were prior service and I had just joined the unit so I and others were looking forward to it…

    The weather was terrible (Like it is here now) 95 to 100 in the shade, no rain, no breeze and we were the lucky ones… we were Commo … so we got to set up on post and were to support the guys in the field and co-ordinate Commo traffic.

    Our Commo truck was an old WWII GRD type transmitter shack mounted on a Deuce.. not really a bad rig… it was well taken care of by the unit and worked very well under the strain of the heat. Mounted two 1.5KW’s about 100 feet away and set sand bags around for noise control…..and wnet to work

    Well… as the days rolled on…. the missions were too easy, so since the PX was only a few blocks away.. the crews would leave one guy on station and make a PX run…. and since no one was driving… beer was the main staple for the crews….officers didn’t mind as they imbibed also…..SHHHHH don’t tell anyone!!! one office says…. yeah right!! we say and he turns to see the entire command staff across the street watching him…. and laughing like hell because THEY were all "two sheets to the wind" if I might borrow on old Navy saying…..

    One very hot and very busy evening…. one of the field team guys had hurt his foot and was brought back in to be fixed up…. but being a gung-ho kind of guy… he asked to work the station… which the bored and by now slightly inebriated crew chief let him do…..

    The back of the deuce had the tailgate down and the ladder on it and we had marked it all with very bright yellow tape, as we were on post and trying to impress the monitors as to our safety level (how they missed the beer I will never understand, unless they had a percentage of the till).. they were concerned that someone might fall off of the tailgate and hurt themselves…..

    Remember… airborne guys love to jump… but they are all two left footed on the back of a truck….

    The NUG of ours negotiates the tailgate tape…. the ladder… and the back porch of the building that we were parked next to with absolutely no problem whatever… AND WITH A BAD FOOT YET!!!! And proceeds to “Whip it out” and “drain his lizard” on the rear set of wheels……

    Now…. I am just inside the door and am watching this guy perform this unbelievably complicated function….and others on the crew are either sitting on the porch or lounging on the grass just a few yards away….

    And then we here it….ZZZZZZOZOOOOOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!

    With a flash of light…..he is airborne without a plane and is thrown back about five to ten feet and lands on his back with a resounding THUD!!

    He has just wizzed on the transmitters grounding rod sump hole!!!!!!

    Now… while myself and a couple others rush to his aid… MANY OTHERS are convulsed….. with laughter…..

    He is OK…. just a little shook up….. but we have to take him in to the Med’s anyway…….

    When we get there…. oh yeah…. we had a hard time getting anyone to drive as they were all either still laughing or couldn’t find the keys to the M151’s lock…..So.. when we get there … he gets to see the nurse… RIGHT AWAY….we help him up onto the table and in walks the nurse….

    Or a reasonable facsimile thereof.. as she is about 65 years old and 225 pounds and built like the German battle ship the Bismarck……and pretty too!!! if you are blind….(and we were close to it at the time) She was NOT a member to the Swedish bikini shooting team by golly!!!! She takes one look at this guy and says “Vell…. its youf again is it??”

    However…… us laughing at him was not his real punishment for overt stupidity… SHE calls in two Doctors and several other that are on duty to “Assist” her……rivers of laughter abound…….and we aren’t doing it… the Med’s are!!!

    You see… the RF flash went up his ankle (on the BAD FOOT side) and up his inner thigh and went AROUND his testicles and then up to his belly button…….. AROUND!!!! he had a complete circle of burn on him! the burn looked like an aiming stake!! And here is the really bad part….. the RF flash sealed his penis shut!! that’s right… the electricity had welded his, well… for want of a better word… pee-hole completely shut!!!…..AND he no longer had hair on his…. around his…. well… IT WAS GONE… ALL OF IT

    So that’s what that smell is….

    And SHE now says “Holt him down “ and produces this … well… TOOL and is now using it cut his…. sealed hole open….then she applies burn ointment on him……WITH A MESSKIT SPOON! you know.. one of those really large messkit type spoons.. the guy is COVERED with the stuff….. “youf must apply this cream two times a day… or come back and I vill do it!”

    He tries to get up and run, but when your pants are down.. it’s damn hard……

    We get him back to the barracks… alive….. you see… we had a discussion about this little trip.. and the consensus is… SHE WANTS HIM!!!

    Aren’t RF burns a Bitch????


    Senior Chief Moderator II
    Posts: 847
    (7/11/01 1:55:03 pm)
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    Re: The Grounding Rod
    Would the FNG (never heard of NUG's) be considered a dielectric?

    V.I.P. Member
    Posts: 109
    (7/11/01 2:32:41 pm)
    | Del Re: The Grounding Rod

    At least in 65-66 at Ft. Wood and Devens...

    Just meant New Guy.... but it later was used as a derogatory term and they made most guys stop using it... I think the FNG term was more widely use in the other branches....

    or was FNG short for F**king New Guy...



    Senior Chief Moderator II
    Posts: 849
    (7/11/01 3:01:37 pm)
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    Re: The Grounding Rod
    I was in the Army and "fng" was the only reference I've heard of for yes........f'n new guy. We weren't so politically correct back in '67 & '68 I guess.

    You didn't answer the question.....was the fng a dielectric?

    V.I.P. Member
    Posts: 112
    (7/11/01 3:08:28 pm)
    | Del Re: The Grounding Rod
    I don't think so.... as I understand the word...."a nonconductor of direct electric current"

    HE PEED on the grounding rod while not being grounded to anything else.... hence... the static charge zapped him...

    The GRD system transmits about 1kv minimum power and builds up static all the time.... that is why when you get down off the vehicle you do not go back and touch it unless you use the ladder...... it is grounded....

    I should not have used the RF reference as he was not zapped while the GRD was in transmit mode....

    Or am I not seeing something about the word here????

    Posts: 1138
    (7/16/01 7:22:44 pm)
    | Del Re: The Grounding Rod
    OK guys I can go NUG's and FNG's but come on!...dielat...dertical...dielatrcl

    I take it you guys were RA's and not US's .

    Hehe!...diaelektri...Ahhh Nuts!
    ...and two hard boiled eggs.

    Senior Chief Moderator II
    Posts: 885
    (7/16/01 7:27:40 pm)
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    Re: The Grounding Rod
    My error......he was obviously a conductor......a dielectric is a non conductor........I know squat about any form of electricity except it sucks to get zapped.

    V.I.P. Member
    Posts: 388
    (7/17/01 12:37:18 am)
    | Del Re: The Grounding Rod
    Ouch! That's gotta hurt!


    V.I.P. Member
    Posts: 132
    (7/17/01 11:53:32 am)
    | Del Re: The Grounding Rod
    Dap... didn't you say that you were a rotor guy????

    If so.. then you dealt with static cling every day???...

    One time, we were about to get on a bird for a short trip... this bird had a wire tied to the left runner......a heavy wire rope really.....we got on and as we were up about six feet .. the pilot stops and speaks into this mike... we can't hear what is being said.... but some guy comes running out of the signal tent and approaches the chop..

    The co-pilot points to the wire rope and then to the guy on the ground.. his hand signals say something like throw the rope to him pointing to the rear door gunner…. who proceeds to lean out to catch the rope….

    Now… as the guy on the ground reaches out for the rope… IT ZAPPS HIM.. and down he goes and the chop lurches upward…..

    Obviously they suckered him in cause they were all laughing for a long time……

    I have always wondered if the gut that got zapped got back at them later….


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