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    Mar 25, 2001
    Started a new book, "The Gun" by C.J. Chivers.

    A history of the AK-47, not necesarily a "complete history of" but a "comprehensive" history of it's influence on war and conflict since 1949..

    And not "Pro-Gun" or "Anti-Gun" either; yeah, written by a NY TImes "Journalist" but he also was a Captain in the USMC at one time too...

    Pretty interesting, with a lot of "caveats" on the legends and the problens with Soviet Histories/Propaganda, but then starting with the history of "Machine Guns" starting with Dr. Gatling in Indianapolis...

    Boy, Hiram Maxim was really an @sshole!:p
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    Jan 11, 2010
    yep, everywhere you go , there's AK's or their clones ..

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    Mar 25, 2001
    Funny with all the Russian stuff I have owned over the years, I have NEVER (yet!:p) owned an AK, clone or otherwise...

    For some reason even when I shoot them I never get too excited over them, seem to me to be nothing more than a pleasant way to waste a lot of cheap ammo...accuracy was never something I witnessed out of anybody's else's AK, except for the Valmet I fired once, but it was in 5.56...and I KINDA want to own a Galil someday, although in 5.56....

    Now I have owned and enjoyed several SKS's, and my Yugo 59/66 is a little heavy for the round, but I can live with it's 3-4" groups at 100 from a bench, it's not too shabby even if it's trigger is more like a GATE LATCH:mad:....and it's good to have SOME rifle around that can fire cheap x39 ammo...:cool:

    I may have to buy one sometime soon just to have one, but call me a homey, if I just MUST have a rifle that takes 30 round clips give me my AR any day....

    Don't get me wrong, I will give you everything about reliability and simplicity of Russian guns, I love the Mosin Nagant and the x54 round, and I LOVE my Makarov pistols, accurate reliable AND simple....but I can't explain why I have NEVER felt all the "Warm Fuzzy" feelings everybody else seems to get over an AK.....

    Now maybe if it was a REAL AKM or whatever, with three positions on the safety...;) I would feel different...(I'll tell you about the "Dirty Thirty" NVA capture off paper Chinese AK I was "loaned" for two weeks once,:) but couldn't bring myself to actually FIRE...THAT one was pretty cool;):)
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