The Halloween match.

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    Well the combat pistol league had the highly anticipated Halloween match Friday night. It was their final match of the year (no match in Dec.) It was everything we expected and hoped for. It is a closed stage match, which means that you do not get to see it, before shooting it. (I like that kind) We were given a brief outline of the course with shooting positions and some safety tips before we entered the room.

    Upon entering we were asked if we understood the course of fire. If you said yes, then the next thing you heard was the timer going off. Now consider that this is all under VERY LOW light conditions. The lights provided, were mostly on the props used.

    Down a hall, about 25 feet long, turn right, down another hall 25 feet, open the door, THEN draw, load, and begin firing. (Some people drew before they opened the door, which was a procedural = bad) Acquire targets, blast away. There were moving targets located where you had to shoot through windows, doors, and around other obstacles. Some targets had splotches of luminescent paint on them that showed up under the black light. (which makes you question if they were a target or not) Strobe lights in other places made for even more fun. Ever try to hit a target with the lights blinking off and on? 3 doors in all.

    Then you had to go backward to get to the graveyard. (muzzle control, have to keep it pointing downrange) Lots of mannequins all over the place. Smoke from a fog machine helped to obscure the targets here. LOTS of streamers (being blown around) hanging in between you and the targets made for quite a challenge all in itself. 3 shooting positions in the graveyard.

    NO ONE shot the course clean. Everyone missed at least some of the targets. The way they were “overlapped” was what threw people off. In the low light, you could not see the outlines of the targets, or if you got a clean hit on all of them or not. I had fun. :D :D

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    Sounds like a lot of fun!

    Is that trophy given out every year as new or handed from shooter to shooter over time? It's a hoot.

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    This is the first time they have given this one out.
    One time deal, only for this match.
    I get to keep it. :D

    You accumulate points in each match throughout the year. If you place in the top three “for the year” trophies are given out at the annual December banquet dinner/meeting. (or the first match you attend) They are yours to keep.
    Don’t know if it will be a plaque or a trophy this year, but I’ll be finding out. ;)
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