The Israeli System

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    May 2, 2008
    You all are welcome...share the wealth...or in this case knowledge.
  2. Quite true, Tranter, and that has often resulted in some VERY innovative and effective techniques and equipment.
  3. TranterUK

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    Leaving aside my enormous admiration for the Israeli forces and security services, if I were instructing I am afraid I would take the guy in the picture at the top of this thread to task. He needs to raise his head and adjust his shoulders and arms to match. Also, it wouldn't hurt to straighten his back.

    He is facing down, not ahead. Thus his eyes will be trying to look high, like a swimmer doing the crawl, and will a) distort and b) limit his peripheral vision. Get the head up man, shoulders level, not so high and straighten up. A good solid firing platform with you in control of the gun, not the other way around!
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    Dec 26, 2003
    Depends on Uncle Sam's whim every 3 yrs.
    It would be interesting to hear him explain in that position where his center of gravity is:D
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