The mailman was delivering the mail one cold December day

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    Jun 7, 2006
    and at one house, the door opened and this georgeous blonde cutie was standing there in a sheer negligee and once he discovered she had a face he heard her asking if he was in a hurry. "Not at all" was his reply. She said, "Come on in and I'll fix you breakfast." Turning her down never entered his mind.
    While he was eating his breakfast, she managed to give him a few leg shots and let him look down her top a few times so by the time he was done, he was also ready. She led him back to the bedroom and turned him every which way but loose. As he was walking out the door, she said, "Oh, look in my purse on the dresser, there's a dollar in there for you." He said, "I don't understand."
    She said, "I told my husband that you'd been our mailman for a long time and asked him what we could get you for Christmas and he said, "Screw him ,give him a dollar." Breakfast was my idea."
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    :D Merry Christmas! :D
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