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    Jan 11, 2010
    With this place and the rest of the world getting heated at times , i thought i'd play you all this.

    This was written for folks who had no idea of
    Tax's ( as we Know them )
    and no recent history of anywhere near active Christianity so they left that side out ( was written by philosophers remember )

    it's very close to my own thoughts , but i tend to go a bit further

    ( moral obligations etc) and then theres my churchy bent ;)

    i hope you all get a lot out of it


    The Philosophy of Liberty (PoL) is a flash animation based of what is now the epilogue of Ken Schoolland's book, "The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible." It began in 1992 as a Russian translation of the book was being published. The publisher Dmitry Costygin informed Ken that few people in Russia even knew what 'property' or 'taxes' were, and Ken responded by writing an introduction that described the philosophy of his book. It became so popular that it now appears as the epilogue in every language edition (40+ and counting), and it inspired Kerry Pearson (aka Lux Lucre) to create a flash animation.

    By 2005, the animation had reached thousands online, including myself. With the advent of online video sharing sites, it seemed a video version would be an ideal way to reach people that might not otherwise find the flash version online. Sofar, tens of thousands have viewed the video version and now to make the PoL even more accessible, all 14 languages have been converted to various video formats.

    If you like The PoL, please share it with others. Make a DVD and play it for friends and family, submit it to video streaming sites, or share it any other way you can think of!
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    Thank You so much for posting that Jack! So very true, I'm a member of RuSA and people have a hard time grasping the fact that by holding an office position you're actually taking a step down from being an American Citizen. The only one higher than me is my Lord and Savior, nor am I above anyone else. There seems to be a lot of negative propaganda about RuSA ( ) but not one person has come forward with a sworn affidavit of facts. Have you heard about Randy Shannon?
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    Jan 11, 2010
    and Ed Ruthger, i have spoken with Ed a fair bit actually , you need a third party , you need to vote obozo out now , take anything , stalin would be better ( he'd take 3 x 5 year plans to get really nasty ) but you gotta break this personality cult ..

    I like Randy;s way of thinking , its sounds stupid , but you need that

    you dont need a politician for life , you need a washington

    some one who will step up fix whats busted , take what hate comes and retire and leave the place set up to build upon

    and the other two parties thinking maybe they aught to throw out the socialists in their ranks maybe

    when they heard i handed over the brigade here to the citizenry they made contact and wish to do similar there

    and yes theres a BIG effort to make them look bad , only checked past i can see is the nafta crap and having Perot's lobby groups as a financier, yes money on the campaign and setup could be done cheaper , but they buy US made and owned only . so it costs more than it might , but i cant argue that policy

    put ya money where ya mouth is or shut up ..

    everyone got lied to about Nafta , as long as they learn ...

    let's face this , thats the ideal of a true republic , where citizens take part in the government for a short term , yes you get a variety of views but the median is what is followed and the median is generally pretty conservative

    i've not made up my mind fully but its the best hope i seen yet ( sorry to the Ron Paul folks but he's a man , a one horse show , he needs to gerner a base to be a real threat ) for you all for the future ..

    good luck and keep em on the straight and narrow , if they get corporate like the rest and live with lobbyists , the chances of it becoming what it could be , diminish greatly

    sorry if that offends but look at both other parties , events that lower them in their own supporters eyes and the result to the nation ..

    each time , the steering goes a tad more off course...

    again good luck eh
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    Jul 11, 2012
    great post
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