The "Radom Polecat" is Finished!

Discussion in 'Curio & Relics Forum' started by polishshooter, May 30, 2006.

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    Mar 25, 2001
    One of the reasons I've not been on is finishing the Polish M44 project. (The others were some good books and the Sabres going deep in the playoffs.... :D )

    I got tired of waiting so I modified a Polish Bolt-body using the ATI cut-drill-tap-screw on bent bolt...(THAT was a job I don't recommend, I'll write on the process and results later :mad: ...)

    Then I worked on the trigger job until it was JUST right...about 4-5#, and CRISP. Then I was going to mount the scope mount, but decided to wait until I got back from visiting home last weekend.

    But, last Thursday "The Boltman" emailed me that my bolt body was finished, and in the mail. It came Saturday when I was away, and when I got home late yesterday, it was in the mailbox, so I just HAD to finish it! The bolt was worth the wait!

    I stayed up pretty late until it was finished....

    I had a bear of a time getting the ATI mount just right, and to stay put in the drill press, but when I did, the drilling and tapping, cleaning and loctiting actually was the EASIEST part. I'm CONVINCED it would be easier mounting the ATI mount on a Hex receiver, than on the round... :eek:

    The bolt body really IS that shiny, I shined up the rest of the bolt pretty well, but need to get a buffing wheel and some rouge to finish the rest of the bolt the same it is it looks FINE...and it's now the SLICKEST MN action I've ever worked!

    Well here it is, with the Bushnell (Japan, not China! :p ) 4x32 scope mounted with Bushnell low mounts and fits me like a glove!

    I can't WAIT 'til Saturday to shoot it! :)

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  2. polishshooter

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    Mar 25, 2001
    By the way, here is the link to the website for "The Bolt Man" Jim Roberts, that did the bolt-body.

    He specializes in Mosin Nagant and Mauser bent bolts, and I now can testify he does a FINE job, and will order from him again. Plus he has about 5 or 6 different styles of Mosin bent bolts you can choose from, ranging from dead ringers for issue Soviet "sniper" bolts, to different swept "sporter designs," as well as the "ATI" style I orderd which is the only one that works with the ATI scope mount. If you ship him a bolt body he does it for $48, I believe, but if you have him supply the body, it's $56 including postage. That's what I paid, and it was worth every penny.

    My ONLY "complaint" is the time it took, he advertises 5-6 week turnaround, but it took almost 10 weeks..BUT he stayed in touch via email, and had a good excuse...he had major surgery on his shoulder and the doctor gave him a "too optimistic" guess on recuperative time...

    But I have to tell you, his work is such that I would have been happy waiting ANOTHER 10 weeks...thanks Jim.
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  3. Good luck saturday I hope she is a great shooter
  4. Polish, great job on that Russian! Let me know how it shoots. By the way, what KIND of work did you do on the trigger to get it down to 4-5 lbs and crisp it up? I've not had much luck with mine. The trigger assembly on those rifles is very simple so I'm uncertain what can be done. One of my complaints on the Russian rifles is that the triggers usually tend to be rather spongy and heavy with too much overtravel and creep. I suppose I could replace the trigger (Huber makes one, I think), but that seems expensive for something that simple.

    Have you ever considered finding a good Russian 91/30, 38, or 44 and setting it into a nice wood stock? I think Boyds and a couple of other stock makers offer one. With a good rifle (which is not too difficult to find), it might well be worth the effort to finish inletting a stock and and then staining and Tru Oiling it. I just did that with a stock I bought from Brownells for one of my 98 Mausers. It turned out very nice indeed, almost like a brand new rifle after I reblued the action.
  5. polishshooter

    polishshooter Well-Known Member

    Mar 25, 2001
    Bite your tongue, PS! This one is POLISH not Russian... :D

    Yeah, I've seen the Boyd's stock, maybe that will go on my NEXT about a carbine length Remington 91 receiver? ;)

    I probably won't be shooting it Saturday, I found out the Indy 1500 is this weekend and I like to go on Saturdays...and I still need to pick up incidentals like sling swivels and scope covers for it.

    Plus I can pick up some more ammo for it, I want to try some Sellior and Bellot in various weights, plus I need another can of milsurp. I'll probably pick up some dies for it too.

    I hope to shoot it on Sunday now.

  6. Well then Polish Good luck Sunday :)
  7. polishshooter

    polishshooter Well-Known Member

    Mar 25, 2001
    And by the way, the trigger weight was done with 4 layers of shims cut from a beer can under the sear spring, and a LOT of polishing on the bolt stop lug, and the bolt lug.

    I still am planning on the stainless steel pins like a Finn trigger on it, but haven't got around to that yet.

    The trigger on the Russian Scout is still a little lighter and crisper though...I guess that's one of the BAD things about Mosins, there is NO such thing as consistency among triggers, EVERY one is a little different, ranging from "gate-latches" to "match grade," with no rhyme or reason WHY in many cases, and switching all the parts of the trigger( all FOUR of them!) AND the bolt to another receiver does NOT necessarily get you the SAME trigger pull you had on the OLD one...
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  8. Interesting you should mention that, Polish, because I had that very same experience myself with the the 91/30, 38, and 44 I have. The 91/30 came with a very spongy trigger that I haven't (so far) been able to improve, the 38 with a so-so trigger I would grade as typically military, but the 44 with a trigger that I doubt I could improve much even if I bought a Timney for it. The trigger on the 44 breaks right at 4 lbs with little, if any, overtravel or creep. Go figure.

    I've noticed a similar discrepancy on the smoothness of the bolts on each of these rifles. The 91/30 has a bolt action that is smooth as butter, the 38 is not bad, but the 44 seems excessively tight in the cocking phase. I suspect I may be able to improve that if I break down the bolt into its components and do a little judicious polishing and lubrication.

    The triggers and bolts on my Mausers, I might add, however, all function with typical German engineering excellence. :D :p :cool:
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