The state of modern "education"

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  1. I just have to relate an incident that occurred this afternoon. It would be funny if it weren't so indicative of what's happening to education in this country.

    After I finished teaching my class this morning I felt hungry so I stopped by the Dari Delight on Main Street for an ice cream cone. I stepped up to the counter, ordered a medium vanilla cone, and was informed by the young girl (about 16 or 17 I would say) at the counter that the cost would be $2.02. All I had on me at the time was a $10.00 bill, so I handed it to her together with a nickel so I would get back $8.03 instead of $7.00 and a pocket full of change. Yup, you guessed it! The poor girl could not figure out how much change she owed me from a tender of $10.05 for a $2.02 purchase! :eek: All I can say, folks, is always count your change and transfer your savings to offshore banks before the next generation of kids hits the job market!
  2. Oh Lord don't even get me started!!!:mad:

    The flip side to that Pistol, are the TEACHERS! I've been teaching some classes lately and I had a young man (7th grader) in my class (2 classes actually) who can't read. I mean AT ALL--NOT A WORD! He can write, but only copying (i.e. If I asked him to write the name of the school, he couldn't but if I asked him to copy something from the book, he could). It literally breaks my (little black) heart. He solely works off of memory. I was helping him one-on-one yesterday and I told him what a great memory he has to be able to do his work. He smiled. What the hell kind of parents and teachers do we have here?? OMF!:mad::mad:

    Secondly (re: teachers), I was in the Teacher's Lounge yesterday and a crapload of teacher's were in there taking advantage of what precious little 30 minute break we had to use as a freaking gripe session. I have other stories (actually a damn funny where I --ALMOST-- blurted out some things! *LMAO), but I'll save them for another time maybe. But this teacher was grumbling about how "Study Hall is NOT for HOMEWORK!! Homework is for HOME, that's why it's called 'HOMEwork!!" OMG! How STUPID is that?!?!?! It took all I had to not go off (thank God I was just getting up to go back to class anyway). I can NOT believe a TEACHER complaining about a student WANTING to do work because it wasn't deemed the "right" kind of work.

  3. Firebird, you're preaching to the choir! Kids today are not incapable because they are dumber than we were, they are incapable because they have not been taught, nor have they been taught to be responsible for their own actions! The the so-called "educational" system in this country is in meltdown! We're producing a generation of young adults who can neither read nor write, nor are they even able to do simply arithmetic. Yet they are still passed through the "system" and given a high school diploma whether they learned anything or not!
  4. Oh, I know I'm preaching to the choir. And boy are you right on!:mad::mad:

  5. rosierita

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    Mar 13, 2004
    South Carolina
    all i can say is... THANK GOD I HOMESCHOOL!!
  6. satellite66

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    Oct 6, 2004
    Central NJ
    Education has become indoctrination with high doses of self esteem is more than achievement. :mad:
  7. Gabob

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    Dec 5, 2005
    Our schools have gone from a system for education to a big social experiment.
    Our local high school issues certificates of attendance to about 70% and diplomas to about 30% when their "education" is completed. Yet about 60% of our property taxes go to support this boondoggle
  8. obxned

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    Mar 4, 2007
    My son had a 'science' teacher who insisted that the speed of sound was the same as the speed of light. We've also received notes sent home from English teachers that were full of misspellings, bad grammar, and 'odd' punctuation! Don't ever ask about the math teachers.
  9. TheJakster2

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    May 6, 2007
    The problem with schools is two fold, teachers who don't teach and parents who don't parent. Please don't get me wrong I applaud the vast majority of teachers who love their job and work hard for their students. But there are a number of them out there and I've run across them putting two children through school, who's only concern is moving that student out of their class and on to the next grade regardless if they are ready.

    In my daughter's case when she was in elementary school it was obvious to my wife and I she was struggling and wasn't ready to advance but we were told she would suffer socially if she was held back. What! I couldn't believe it, then came the next winner. They wanted to test her to see if had a learning disability. Maybe she had ADD was the consensus. When I got home I asked my daughter what was giving her so much trouble, her reply was "I bored and can't focus". Took her to a eye doctor, real doctor!, who gave her a very thorough examine, came back and gave us the results. Yes she needed glasses but more important she didn't have a dominant eye, wow first I'd heard of that. I asked how that would cause a problem, he explained because of no dominant she would wonder the page while reading and pick up different parts of math problems, one eye looking at one thing the other looking at another. He assured me that this wasn't a huge problem and actually quite common in younger children his fix was simple, use a piece of paper to help her concentrate on one problem or one line when she was reading. Sad part was when I took this information back to the school they wanted to fight me on it, said she was obviously ADD and needed to be put into "special" classes. GAME ON, Had to get a lawyer to stop them from labeling her ADD and do this simple thing to help her succeed. The outcome, she graduated high school this past year with honors. My point here is two fold, ONE we as parents did our job to identify and correct the problem and yes we spent many hours at the kitchen table with a piece of paper doing homework until she hit her groove and took off. But TWO the school failed in using the information provided to them to help a child learn. I couldn't believe how hard it was to get the teacher to just let her use a piece of paper to guide her until her brain and eyes caught up with each other. Schools,teacher and most importantly parents need to be a team in educating children if one fails we all fail.

    To many parents think all they have to do is send the little crumb cruncher off to school and the rest is up to the teacher. WRONG! We as parents have a responsibility to our child and yes to the teacher to make sure that child is prepared to learn every day. And to step in and help when the need dictates it. Like our rights our children are a precious commodity not to be wasted. No greater time can be had than spending time with your children whether it be in the field or at the table, both investments teach the next generation how to be productive citizens. So before we start pointing fingers we all need to take a hard look at the person the finger is attached to first.
  10. So True Jakster!

    I think school administrators are more to blame than the teachers. They are the only "educators" that are overpaid.
  11. Bruce, that is largely true I think. I know a lot of teachers since that is what I do myself for a living, though at the college level and not K-12. Trust me, there are some incompetent teachers out there who should not be allowed within 1,000 yards of a classroom. Yet the majority though would teach and keep discipline in the classroom if they were only allowed to. The "enlightened educators" of today simply won't let them. At the college where I teach we have a man, Steve, who teaches math part time on our campus, courses ranging from remedial math to calculus. He's good, damn good. The students like him and he is very effective at what he teaches. Most of his time though is spent teaching high school math courses locally. He is so disgusted with the lack of support he receives from the high school administrators that he is now, in his 50s, going back to get his MA in math (he already has an MA in Education) so he can teach full time at the college and say to hell with the high school. We'll be glad to get him when he's finished. He's not allowed to flunk anyone in his HS math courses, no matter how poorly the student does, or how little the student attends class. Trust me, this frustrates him greatly. As a result of the lack of education the students are receiving in the K-12 grades, we now have to offer remedial courses, funded from our very limited budget, to teach these kids enough math and English that they have at least some hope of doing college-level work. We are going to pay for our folly in the years to come!
  12. TheJakster2

    TheJakster2 New Member

    May 6, 2007
    That was exactly the frustration I felt with my daughter, how often does a parent have to tell the school that their child shouldn't be promoted to the next grade. As I said before it's a team effort, but to sit across the table from professionals and be told their going to promote your child and label her as learning disable in the same breath was to say the least frustrating. And this without even a suggestion of the most basic test you should give a struggling child---a vision test. Even more exasperating was after I gave them the cause and the fix they still wanted to argue,label and promote. As I mentioned before I had to get a lawyer to force them to hold my daughter back a year and implement the easy fix to allow her to go on and succeed.

    I am still active with the school system with the ag program and will say that the new crop of teachers I see coming into at least our system are encouraging. I have seen many of the teachers who work with the kids in the ag program actually coming to shows to check out how the student is doing and meet parents. What a concept, getting involved on more than just a classroom level. When I talk to these young educators they all say they are doing because they remember one of their teachers doing it with them and felt that it was their turn to give back and show the next generation that they were more than a body filling a seat. So honestly to all you teachers out doing this kind of job "Thank You" doesn't seem hardly enough.
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