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  1. well for me its just three weeks from deer gun season.i have already purchased three deer tags for this year and now its time to get ready.i have hunted for many years and this is when i make sure rings,mounts,all sights etc are tight.i also have three smoke poles and two shotguns to sight in.i always sight in my guns with a cold barrel so if the sights are off it may take a while for cool the past i have had the rear elevation screw on one of my 44 mags back out and not know it until shooting at a deer,i also have had the rear ring on a scope become loose and didnt realize it until hunting.people,dont make my mistakes,chk everything and enjoy your hunt.above all be safe and be courtious to other hunters. old semperfi
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    Jan 11, 2010
    Enjoy your hunt there mate

    its been a excellent season here just gone

    wish the same to you all there eh


  3. jack,what do you hunt down under.i also want to ask you if you have anybody like our nra trying to get your rights back and do you think it will ever happen. old semperfi
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    Jan 11, 2010
    Old Semperfi , Hunting

    rabbits and hares ( hares are scarce )

    foxes ( profitable the last winter with the temp being so low and a new area i'm hitting )

    wild dogs ( not dingoes but domestics gone wild )

    feral cats ( great sport shooting that , cats are cunning but suckers for a easy feed )

    wallabies , wallaroo's ( good eating !!!) kangaroos of different types

    deer , chital or axis deer and i seen some big red thing but way off once

    we had 5-6 deer farms start up by folks who had great ideas but built along kangaroo highways .. roos aint like other criters , they'll pound a fence they cant get through time and time again so the deer got out, the roo's got in and now we have good deer hunting in Australia

    goats LOTS of feral goats , great meat too

    pigs both european black bore and asiatic razorbacks have been introduced and crossed with feral pigs here and produced one of the nastiest breed of big tusked critters ever seen .. great hunting but they'll take the hind leg off a good pig dog easy , i know jippy my pig dog has 3 leg's , a 280lber put the tusk straight through the bone splintering it with one drive .. nasty critters eh ,

    Buffalo as seen in croc dundee we got some big buggers but they aint that clever to hunt so rounding em up for mates who sell em to indonesia for there markets is way more fun , chasing them through the bush in old land rovers and patrols herding em into pen's then loading em on cattle trains ( semi trailer hauling maybe 6, 2 storey cattle trailers )

    i still hunt them with folks , but i get more fun outta foxes ( cunning and gun shy fast)

    Ducks, mallards ( 5 species )
    bush turkeys ( mallee fowl)
    the native quail for Christmas here ( they are sooo nice but buggers to pluck and dress )

    and then theres fish .....

    as for NRA

    we have the SSAA sporting shooters association of Australia and i'm a member , also the shooters party , a political party based and started by shooters, i was a very early member but since resigned as its doing too many back room deals and not doing what the members want ..

    we have veterans groups lobbying and others but not getting very far

    our peak national body from years ago was broken up politically by john howard just after he became PM , a year later and we had gun control

    we do get small wins as guns are needed here for so many agricultural and wildlife protection reasons , but its only in these areas we have won some small rights back

    personally i am my little group have been getting folks registered and licenced for firearms and thats working well , we got a junior shotter program going and now have a adult version running at 17 clubs nationally maybe not a lot in the US but the way Aussies congregate around cities its doing ok here ..

    for the next class of junior shooters we have 120 kids registered already that starts next weekend and we'll run 4 classes a day with a teacher / student ratio of 3-1

    educate the people that lies are just that , that if you remove the guns from the people then they are just victims in waiting .. and that a gun is a tool and we have the rights to the tools to improve our lives or defend them ..

    thats my goal , its working but took almost 5 years to get where it is now and we still have a long way to go , but one day we'll have the numbers and vote on the gun issue in Australia once and for all ..
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    Jan 11, 2010

    here's a map of all these hunts i've been on about

    if you use google earth or maps you can see how rugged some parts are

    ok area 1, this is deer and goat country , roo's and rabbits on the edges of the forested parts in the south east and south west

    area 2 , this is some rocky ridgeline country and lots of goats and roo's and a few foxes that can be whistled onto the cleared area
    only two der here so far but i think there's a lot more from the signs i see..

    area 3 and 4 this is my main fox hunting area with 50+ foxes falling this winter from the two areas, i dont thinks theres been any real hunting there for a long while area 4 i've bagged a few deer there too but if you look at google earth and zoom out you'll see area 1 and 4 are part of a wild green zone that joins another large green zone , either side are people , towns farms etc

    its a choke point for north south bound game going up and down the coastal ranges theres another about 50 miles west that i've had great results with too , plus theres razorbacks that way ;D

    and you'll see i've moved to just inside one of the hunting areas :D

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