The Viking Experiment

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    Sep 25, 2009
    Is this what our Great Country is heading for?

    The Viking Experiment

    by Jacek Szkudlarek,

    I happen to be blessed with a rare point of view observing the Danish society.
    When I came here from the communist block, I believed that I had found a Paradise.
    This has changed.


    The peoples of Scandinavia come more or less directly from the violent and warlike Vikings.
    I guess it was therefore extremely interesting for Illuminists to see how nations with SUCH roots and such ”elan vitale” will react to an extreme social engineering and to enslavement.

    Danes, Swedes and Norwegians were therefore the first in the queue to The Laboratory.

    Having observed these nations daily for the last twenty years I have not a shred of doubt that they have been admitted to the Laboratory with applause.
    Denmark was as an example transformed DIRECTLY from being royal property into a socialist, collectivist state. Never was there a spate of freedom. Not a year. Not even a day!

    In all these countries, all included, taxes approach 80 – 90%. Vast majority of the population think it is entirely natural. Many are prepared to pay even more. And from their point of view they get a good value for their money: free health care, free university education and much, much more.
    But at the same time, above their heads hovers an enormous beaurocratic juggernaut which consumes a major chunk of taxes. The State knows everything about everybody. All registers are joined and there are no secrets for the BIG BROTHER. None.
    Firearms? WHAT????

    School children are indoctrinated in everything from climate change to evolution. Prepubescent children learn how to put condom on one’s partner’s penis. You can go to a health consulent and get an advice to try a gay partner. ”Don’t be so shy and try your anus for a change, my boy”.

    Church in Denmark is a government institution of course (the Queen being its titular Head).

    Virtually all Danes are Christians but churches are empty on Sundays. Hardly anyone attend services anymore. To believe in God is not a good idea. If you are a homosexual you can get married in a church. Priests do not even need to believe in God – they’re after all just civil servants. Faith is not considered necessary to be a good and conscientious civil servant. And some priests speak openly (and brag in newspapers) about their atheism. Nothing special these days. Evem kind of politically correct.

    You could ask – what is this ”Church” for? Stupid question.

    TO PAY CHURCH TAXES of course! Almost all Danes pay Church tax. Why? In order to get a place at the cemetery which would otherwise be problematic.


    For a Dane therefore to pay extra ”carbon” tax is no big deal, the State stealing almost everything anyway. Two out of three Danes actually want carbon taxes!

    Inhabotants of this strange land seem to love their serfdom. Newspapers which are heavily politically correct say year after year that the Danes are the happiest people on Earth. And they believe it. And they are really happy to be so happy.
    Some people say, and I will not deny it, that most ”citizens” have probably largely forgotten what real happiness is. So what?


    Somehow nobody seems to talk about freedom and liberty. One could just as well remove these words from dictionaries. I am pretty sure that nobody would have noticed. What use of liberty when one is oh so happy?

    So, you should not be surprised that Copenhagen has been chosen for the Climate Summit. People here sincerely believe in global warming and feel no desire to investigate the matter for themselves. If the State says it is true, then it’s Gospel. BIG BRODER would not lie to us, would He?

    Ok, there is a small bunch of freethinkers, of course, but they are negligible. It’s long time ago I have met one. There are many strange, often bizarre groups and deviants. But they are not challenging BIG BROTHER in any way. Some say that BIG is encouraging deviancy. Again, I will not deny.

    Whenever I try to tell people about climate hoax, chemtrails, FEMA camps, toxic vaccines or 9/11 conspiracy, they politely listen for up to two minutes and then continue with their happy lives. Why rock the boat? It floats so well!


    For 1000 years ago the Vikings used to live off looting expeditions all over Europe and beyond. Today they eagerly rob each other for the benefit of the all-powerful State and the Illuminists. And everybody is happy.

    This is what I call historical justice.

    I can imagine that the Illuminists reasoned that if they succeed in enslaving the wild Vikings, all the other nations will follow without a problem.

    P.S. Everything I have written above has nothing to do with my neighbours and colleagues at work. Especially not with my Boss. I like people here. They are nice, well-educated and helpful. Really. Sometimes I think it is me who is crazy and I may be right. Why rock the boat?
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    Jul 8, 2005
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    Wow, that isn't the kind of thing I'm used to reading, especially coming from that part of the world.

    Good one and thanks for posting it.
  3. the morning light

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    Sep 25, 2009
    My Grandfather immigrated here by himself from Sweden when he was 16 years old(1888)and was always a very religious man. It seems most were religious back then. I read an article here lately that said it's hard to find a Christian in Sweden nowadays. The comments about paying a Church tax but the Churches are empty is what got my attention!
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    Mar 2, 2009
    Yes, that saddens me to read that. My grandfather and great uncle immigrated from Denmark. The great uncle was on the police force of a large Midwestern city and lived an honorable life as did my grandfather. Go into some of the Danish chat forums and read the postings from women, mostly from the U.K. and Australia, who have married Danish men and are looked down on by the Danish citizens simply because they speak English. They seem to be relegated to second class citizens. Well, condititions indicate it could happen here. Vote in 2010.
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    I see a bunch ...........of Lemmings :eek: :mad:


    Is that ROMT with the inner tube on??? :D :D :eek:
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    I believe that it was no mistake that Obama won a formerly-prestigious Nobel price from that part of the world. :eek:

    We're in trouble...
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