There Goes the Military

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dons2346, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. flintlock

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    Aug 14, 2007
    Upstate NY
    Can we do anything else to accomadate the Muslims in America? Maybe just declare sharia law in place of our legal system? I am in no way saying that Muslims can't be upstanding citizens. I know and have worked with several fine people of that faith, and each of them were proud to be American citizens. I just get tired of the groups like CAIR that are more interested in changing our way of life to better suit their beliefs.

  2. carver

    carver Moderator Supporting Member

    How can a muslim be an upstanding citizen when their law, sharia law, supersedes the constitution? Naturalized Citizen in general, basic requirements for naturalization are that the applicant hold a legal status as a full-time resident for a minimum period of time and that the applicant promise to obey and uphold that country's laws, to which an oath or pledge of allegiance is sometimes added.
  3. Double D

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    Jul 16, 2009
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    Yea, that.
  4. HunterAlpha1

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    Aug 8, 2011
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    will homosexuals be allowed to wear pink or rainbow uniforms? will nudists be allowed to go al naturale? will masochists be allowed to wear bondage and gimp suits?
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  5. gdmoody

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    Sep 7, 2007
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    Will those white towels make good targets?

    Back in the early 80s there was a Warrant Officer at Fort Bragg, NC, that wore his turban every day while in uniform. I do not know what his religion was but it must have been muslim.
  6. jack404

    jack404 Former Guest

    Jan 11, 2010
    you've had a couple Sikh folks at bragg ... they also wear turbans
  7. armedandsafe

    armedandsafe Guest

    Beat me to it, Jack.

    Belgium had a chopper pilot who used to visit us in Etain about once a month, dropping off and picking up choppers for and after we'd do the comm/nav retrofit. He had to take off his turban to fit into the H13s.

  8. flintlock

    flintlock Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Aug 14, 2007
    Upstate NY
    Let me back up here a minute and say that the Muslims I worked with were good citizens. These guys had left their countries to get out from under the radical elements, one from Afghanistan, when the Russians were there, and the others from Iran, when the idots took power. They were all naturalized citizens of America, and they were happy to be here. Carver, I see your point about some Muslims believing that sharia law takes precidence over every thing else including our constitution, but these guys were not overtly religious like that. Maybe the muslim version of a lapsed Catholic or something. So while you are probably right in a general way about how good a citizen a muslim could be, I'll stand by what I said about the guys I knew.
  9. jack404

    jack404 Former Guest

    Jan 11, 2010
    Flintlock, when push comes to shove the folks you speak of will be likke those in the former soviet republic of Chechnya , when the jihadi's decided to take over they raided a few stores , called all the faithfull to the mosques and asked for volenteer's to be mujahid's or to fight for jihad , those who did not agree where moved outside to "keep the plans secret" then machine gunned , just like that movie the great escape , a couple BMP's opened up with them high rate of fire MG's they have .. theres video of it around on live leak .. similar thing happened in ossetia and in the Phillipines with the islamists there ,

    become hard core or die ..

    my how their numbers swell ....

    when your dealing with a totalitarian ideology such as islam there is no in between's , middle of the road is just something to be run over ..

    islam makes the nazi's look like amateur's that way, nazi's had some flex in them

    islam as a doctrine does not . your obliged to act for jihad , its one of the single act crimes of apostasy..

    to not enact or enjoin on jihad when called up is a death sentence ..

    to quote Churchill

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  10. dons2346

    dons2346 Well-Known Member

    Can you imagine a Marine in full dress wearing a turban guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?
  11. cpttango30

    cpttango30 Guest

    Please do not speak anymore you are making yourself look bad.

    If you knew anything at all you would know that the US ARMY guards the Tomb of the Unknown. How hard is it really?

    Guards at the Tomb of the Unknowns are US ARMY SOLDIERS who have been high trained and know every detail about the tomb. They do not wear Class A (GREEN DRESS UNIFORM) they wear US ARMY DRESS BLUES.,cf.osb&fp=7644c2e392b1ab99&biw=1600&bih=753

    Please GET IT RIGHT for RESPECT to the Guards and service men/ women in the Tomb.
  12. Bobitis

    Bobitis Guest

    Where did that come from? :eek:

    Step away from the keyboard, turn the caps lock off, and chill out. :rolleyes:

    No one here is disrespecting those in the Tomb. Quit making stuff up. If ya wanna create battles within our armed forces, ya came to the wrong place. :mad:

    If ya can't be civil, and just a tad understanding, go someplace else.

    I never paid any attention to 'Whom' guards the Tomb. All I care about is someone does. Am I next on your list?
  13. cpttango30

    cpttango30 Guest

    Sorry it just irritates me when people get this wrong when it is so blatantly obvious who guards the tomb.

    Sorry I do find it disrespectful to all involved to call them Marines. Just as I would find it disrespectful to call Embassy guards soldiers when they are ALWAYS marines.
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