There is a distinct possibility that hell just froze over... CNN on Obama/Ayers

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    It's also ironic that this Annenberg Foundation is a key contributor to the group who criticized the NRA's ads in PA against Obama as deceptive... :eek:


    This appears at the bottom of opening page...

    Factcheck is open about affiliations with the Annenberg Public Policy center and yet they think that they can masquerade supposed fact that disputes NRA ads against Obama without getting people a bit curious about their motives?

    Here is the Factcheck article on the NRA's campaign.

    Here we have clear conflicts of interest between an organization that claims to be nonbiased ( and a clear concerted effort between Barack Obama and William Ayers to support's parent organization (Annenberg Public Policy Center) and we think we're getting the clear, nonpartisan story regarding Obama's voting record or interests?... :eek:

    Come on now... How can we let this kind of crap happen in 2008? :eek::mad:
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    Now CNN can say that they ran the article and they won’t have to run it again, you know, because they already covered it!

    How can we let this happen? Big big BIG money, that’s how. It seems that the truth can be bypassed until somebody like Hannity does a one hour show on all of his connections, and Kurtz finally gets access to those papers that were under lock and key then makes them public.

    So if wasn’t for Kurtz specifically, you still wouldn’t have heard this on CNN.

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    Interesting that there's no more comment about Annenberg than this.... :confused: Some guys I work with had a field day last evening with this but I'll not bring up the associations they managed to conjure up in Google. ;)
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    Excellent posting!

  5. Ponycar thanks for the post! I know that if I want to find out what is REALLY going on in the world, all I have to do is log on here.

    What bothers me is that all of these people knew who this Ayers was and they still chose to associate with him. Then of course they expect us to trust them. To think Chicago made Ayers man of the year for his work with children! Sick, sick, sick!!! :eek::mad::eek::mad:
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    Ya know CNN Headline News has Glenn Beck on 7:00 pm eastern. Now not only did this guy give the kenote address at the last NRA convention, this guy is a hoot !!!
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    Glenn Beck just played the CNN Ayers/Obummer report.
    Tune in to CNN Headline News tonight (10-9-08) at 8:00pm cst. The report should air at about 8:10 -8:15 ish CST.

    P.S. The Kelsey Grammer interview afterwards is damm good too. Really worth watching.

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    Read the link and pay close attention to the last line quote from Ayers.

    The guy is an unrepentant domestic terrorist sleaseball.....older, but his ideologies haven't changed and he has not a single ounce of remorse for his actions.

    Perhaps he is in the process of writing his last chapter with trying to get Obama into the White House.

    I was fourteen when all this **** was going down and I remember all the national chaos. One of the members of one of the groups connected to these scumbags shot and killed one of my coworker's father during a bank robbery they were commiting.
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    I don't get it, how people like this get away with it. I guess I'm pretty passive but I'd like to think someone like Ayers or one of those Westboro Baptist folks show up and its going to turn ugly.
  10. Thesenator

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    Oct 6, 2008
    How? Heres a list, wealthy spoiled brats, from families with politicaal ties to the widely known criminally corrupt Chicago political machine, An FBI investigation that botched its evidence collection and ending in a mistrial, going on the lam for ten or eleven years and public memory fading, going to college and getting a degree then becoming a professor so they can spew their communist idiologies to all who attend their classes. The awarding of bogus awards by the corrupt political machine that pulls the strings of things in Chicago.

    What puzzles me is how the guy can walk down the street and not fear being sniped from a window or a driveby.

    I think he's pushing Obamas election to obtain a full pardon so he can die with a clear record instead of a legacy as a confirmed domestic terrorist.
  11. This was sent to me by a friend who seems to know a lot of political things. I will not say what he does, who he is, or much more about him except he "knows"!

    "The ties to Bill Ayres and his wife, the former Bernardine Dorn are even closer that what some suspect. Obama's wife has worked with Bernardine Ayres and was working in same office with Mrs. Ayres where she met Barak.

    This man (Obama) has so many connections to terrorist, anti-American and anti-Semite that keep coming to light and all he says is they are just "folks" in the 'hood and he did not know of their backgrounds. Do the mainstream Democrats not know or not care? The info is all there to find thanks to programs like Google. I think they hate a man so bad and want a win for their party so bad as to do it regardless of the cost to them, the people and their country.

    All you people who see him as a messiah type should wake up and smell not the roses, but the rotting corpse of Lady Liberty. The DNC and Obama organizers about panic every time the connection is brought up, if a guy can spend 20 years rubbing shoulders with people who are terrorists and anti-American, and ant-Semite and not know it the he is either a fool or a lying SOB. No other way to put it, and no Democrat or Independent can even come up with a reasonable excuse for these facts. What has really struck me is not one of you Democrats have ever sent me a rebuttal to any Obama warnings or even a political cartoon. If that does not tell me something, nothing ever will.

    My personal opinion is we are about to have another revolution if Obama is elected and maybe race rioting if he does not get elected. Either way I am ready, and if it happens a lot of you receiving this will have real problems regardless of political leanings. I will say I am praying it does not happen, but I just don't see the 3rd revolution not happening in the very near future. "
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    Superb job posting these 'advisories'.

    I saw the 'Hannity show' last Sunday at 20:00, which exposed the documented trail of Obamanation's "questionable associations". Check the link to present-day Venezuela.
    Mr Ayers will probably 'stub his toe' fairly soon.

    Tomorrow a few of us will enjoy the 'SKS/MN 44 show', on somebody's land.

    Did Ted Nugent say "Kiss my Glock"?
    Well, Senators Obama, Schumer, Feinstein, and Pelosi (who invited herself to visit our "allies" in Syria), kiss my Minis, SKS and MN 44s.
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    Obama fundraiser, convicted of fraud, spills beans

    A separate story, but another hint at shady dealings connected to Obama. This time it's about Rezko.

    Too little to late though, I'm afraid. Writing on the wall says get ready for President Barack Hussien Obama.
  15. ponycar17

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    This scares me...

    "I don't intend to lose this election. John McCain doesn't know what he's up against."

    -Barack Obama