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  1. You don't know the half of it. Here's a nice tidbit from our new Regulatory Czar, Sunstein:mad: Boy, it sure didn't take him long to start his whackadoo crap, did it?:mad::mad:

    All this anger is exactly what The Hussein wants. He WANTS us to get pissed. He WANTS us so angry we can't see straight or think. He WANTS someone to get get so pissed off that they start a "problem." That way, he has an excuse to declare martial law, invoke the Patriot Act, rule by decree without the consent of Congress, and let his Czars take over for Congress. I bet the vast majority of those a**clowns on those Obama boards are actually on Uncle Sugar's payroll, TRYING to stir crap up. A few years ago, the FBI was actually PAYING a guy to operate a "right-wing extremist" blog calling for the murder of members of Congress and for an armed insurrection, all so Freddie the Fed could make a few arrests to grab headlines and justify more funding (kind of like what BATFE does when they pick someone to make an example of:rolleyes:)

    If Freddie the Fed or King-Emperor Barack I His Great Awesomeness and All-Knowing Teleprompter don't like what I say, oh well, that's there problem. I don't say anything on here that I won't say in person. So does that mean I'm on a watchlist, probably. All because I won't partake of the tasty Barry-flavored Kenyan Kool-aid. You know, the same Jim Jones Kool-aid that many people seem to be barfing back up.
  2. LurpyGeek

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    Nov 30, 2005
    That actually made me laugh. While I have visited many of these sites from time to time while looking for information. Of the handful of forums that I frequent or have an account on... none are on the list. I guess my interests aren't "mainstream" when it comes to firearms. Maybe I'm not "right wing" enough.

  3. Doc1911

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    Jun 29, 2009
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  4. you know, I was looking over that list again and I realized something. That's a list of many more gun forums that I never knew existed:D:D:D Now I have MORE gun websites to check out:D:D:D:D Thanks guys:D:D
  5. JohnBrainard

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    Sep 11, 2009
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    Reading through their posts for a few minutes, it seems like it's all a bunch of sarcasm or parody. Surely they couldn't possibly believe the things they are saying, can they? Do they actually refer to him as the messiah?
  6. Nighthawk

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  7. Yeah, that site has to be fake. At least, it was probably started as a parody or satire, but then the real whackadoo Kool-aid drinkers migrated there. The problem is that the more gullible of the Obamites might actually believe some of that crap.
  8. woolleyworm

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    Feb 23, 2009
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    :mad: :eek: holy $#!^ that is one scary site !! :eek: :mad:
  9. 358 winchester

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    I could be very wrong but I am not taking any chances.
    The longer that they can keep "We the People" believing that stuff like this is fake or just not happening then stronger they become and the bigger their Army will become. Then when the poopoo hits the fan we will be out numbered and out gunned they will control the transportation, the food, the medical supplies, and bring in more help from other places.
    Y'all just keep thinking it can't happen here in this country like it has in so many others, and we will be in deep doodoo!
    I am still stocking up and preparing for the worse. I have given up my last freedom and all the rest they will have to come to my home and TAKE!
  10. 45nut

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    Jul 19, 2006
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    + 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
  11. I'm not saying it can't happen here. I've been saying IT WILL happen here. I'm just saying that I think the site started as a satire but has grown to hideous proportions.

    And as far as being outnumbered, we may not be to that point, yet. A good portion of the Obama voters seem to be waking up. But think about this, when it hits the fan, how many of the newly awakening people will actually be willing to stand up to the gov't? For that matter, how many gun owners will actually be willing to stand up against the gov't? I bet the number most likely won't be as large as you think.

    And for the gov't controlling the infrastructure, they already do. All they need is an excuse for Barry to declare martial law and invoke the Patriot Act. Instant gov't control of EVERYTHING.
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