They know he is gona lose

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  1. It just so happens I read that article too but show me where the new voters who voted for Ross Perot would have voted Republican if they voted at all and show me how many electoral votes Perot took. Like it or not the fact is Clinton ran a smarter campaign and while Perot may have made the difference greater there is no way he stole the election.

    I was a Perot supporter in the very beginning but the more research I did on him the more I realized the man was a fruitcake and no way fit for national office.
  2. berto64

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    As for the propagation of welfare babies, their welfare should stop after 2 illegitimat births. Either find a good man to stick with you or get spayed.

    There are plenty of ag & service and general labor jobs around the country they could fill and run the wetbacks back to where ever they come from. Thereby cutting welfare budget and help solve the illegal problem together in one stroke of the pen. Why has no "politician" come up with something like this? Because they want these people where they are so they may be cultivated for votes with lies & promises.

    BTW, I was are Ross supporter along with a lot of my Viet Vet Brothers. When he came to Phoenix to speak his security was one SS agent and about 40 vets around him. He was asked how he wanted his security handled he ASKed for us be cause as he said; "These men have faced death before and I trust him with my life". There only one little dustup buy a mentally handicapped person during the whole meeting.

    I thought he had good ideas but went about it in a questionable manner.

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    Mar 19, 2010
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    I was reading today that Obama is having various federal agencies re-evaluating poverty limits & rates by city and geographic area. Ex, A family in NYC that has employer provided health care can make $77,000 and still be considered poor, thus they can apply for all the welfare type programs. In LA, it was $88,000.

    Now I know cost of living varies from place to place, but I believe it's all a master plan to get as many addicted to govt freebies as possible; ensuring their support at the polls.

    Our country has to do better. The one bright side is that people don't respect anything they get for free, only what they work for. So maybe all is not lost.
  4. Finster

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    Dec 20, 2011
    No one knows whose really going to win in the end, I see all this as just an act to keep people entertained and blind to distract them from whats really going on.
  5. Deputy Dawg

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    I for one would love to see Ron Paul win.
  6. carver

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    I agree with your friend! I will be voting Rep. all the way, but there is still a bigger problem than what has already been mentioned. What I see in America today is that half of the people are living on money they get from the Government. Welfare, and SSI disability. I know people who have never wroked a day in their lives, who are on SSI disability simply because they have aids, or have been diagnosed as not mentally all there. Half of the remaining 50% are either socialist, or comunists. That's right up there at about 75% of the people that will not vote Republican, or conservative. Add to this the fact that 75% of the people in America think that Congress is doing a bad job, and we may loose this foothold as well. I see a Liberal controled Congress, Senate, and President in our very near future. Think about the candidates that are running for President on the Republican ticket. Who are the top runners? Pick the top three. Which one of them can actually beat Obozo? You have time to get prepared, and hunker down, it's comming!
  7. trespoe

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    Oct 30, 2011
    I agree with both of y'all. I am not sure how similar it will be to 2000 with teams of lawyers running around, or if there will be more voter intimidation, but I fully expect fraud to assist Obama in at least one or two states. There will also be a "October" surprise before the election. I expect they have something dirty on Romney which is why all the Dems want him to be the GOP candidate. Too many people I know believe everything that is posted about republicans being evil. That believe everything that media tells them.

    Of course I am a natural pessimist who will be happy and surprised if Obama gets defeated.

    I still see Obama
  8. Bigdog57

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    Dec 29, 2005
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    No, he'd touch off The Second Revolution, and he'd be lucky to get his skinny butt out of this country ahead of the angry mobs....... Question is, will Kenya take their errant Village Idiot back?
  9. hunterfisher

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    Mar 3, 2010
    Sarah Palin, was on the news this past week. She says theres still time to jump in. If, O-BUM-A stays, AMERICA, will go. ''WAKE UP PEOPLE.''
  10. tireman7.62x54r

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    Sep 30, 2006

    I remember Ross Perot saying that NAFTA and GATT would be bad for American workers. The media said he was nutty and always ran cartoons of Perot with big dumbo the elephant ears.

    Ross Perot was right. NAFTA and GATT have caused 100's of thousands of jobs to leave the US. Now the stores are filled with poor quality but low priced imported merchandise.
  11. raven818

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    Oct 3, 2011
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    And Brazil is going to supply us with oil drilled right out of the Gulf of Mexico. But...can we get oil from Canada? Anybody can drill oil from international waters. But if they blow it like BP did, we'll play hell getting them to pay a dime for the damage it does to our coast.
  12. Which goes to the point I have been making all along, a strong showing by a thrid party candidate can effect the policies of the other parties if they can show a lot of support for their cause. Unfortunately our politicians did not heed the message because he shot himself in the foot with his dropping out and dropping back in tactics and his assertions that "they" were out to get him. Ever since his rookie navy days he was an oddball, a smart one but an oddball and in the end he was to easy an target and to odd for the electorate.

    His anti-gun stance killed him for me.
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